1914 parker catalog

Parker pen mod. #39 "forget-me-nots" eyedropper. Auctioned by Bonhams´ House in December 2016 (image © Bonhams).

It is a catalog of 48 numbered sheets to which have been added 4 unnumbered sheets. Considering that it does not include the Black Giant model presented in 1914 and that numbered sheets do not contain Bakelite’s fountain pens, launched on the market in late 1913, we could venture that it is a 1913 catalog with sheets added in 1914.

«The new transparent Bakelite Parker Pen. You can always see exactly how much ink there is in the barrel.

The latest invention in fountain pens. Transparent barrel lets you see just how much ink there is always in the barrel and shows how the Lucky Curve drains back the ink into the barrel by capillary attraction. This Bakelite Pen was originally made for the use of our salesmen in demonstrating. Later they were supplied to the dealers for the same purpose. Now we are manufacturing four numbers in Bakelite pens for sale to people who wish something distinctive and unique in the fountain pens they carry.»

[Added by ParkerSheaffer] This translucent Bakelite pens were manufactured in various beautiful colors. A very pretty shade of green, for instance, one or two shades in red and pink that are really very beautiful. With the Bakelite material the pen has the added advantage of not necessarily being a self filler; as the material is impervious to the action of the ink, it could also be eyedropper filler .

Parker eyedropper Bakelite barrel. Courtesy of Fivestarpens.

Bakelite is a new substance, recently produced as a result of scientific experiment and research, which resembles clear, transparent amber so closely that only an expert can detect the difference. As soon as this substance came to our notice we saw that it was just what we needed to show clearly and conclusively the wonderful workings of capillary attraction as utilized by the Parker Lucky Curve, and we arranged to have a few pens made up with Bakelite barrels for demonstrating.

We are now making the Transparent Bakelite Fountain Pen in both standard (eyedropper) and self-filling types, in four styles ( numbers 20, 23, 24 and 25) as shown on next page.

Shows how Lucky Curve works. The perfect transparency of the Bakelite barrel enables you to see the inner workings of the Lucky Curve in the Standard Parker Lucky Curve Fountain Pen. There is also positive advantage in being able to see instantly just how much ink. there is in the barrel of your pen and to know when it needs refilling without waiting until it actually runs dry.

The workings of the self-filler can be seen through the Bakelite barrel. The illustrations of Parker Self-Filling Bakelite Pens on this page show how the transparent barrel reveals the operation of the self-filling mechanism. You will find it interesting to watch the wonderful simplicity and rapidity with which this smooth-barreled pen fills it-self when you press the button.

There is no difference whatever between the Transparent Bakelite Fountain Pen and other Parker Pens of the same type and style, except in the barrel. In the Bakelite Pen this new amberlike substance is used in place of the hard rubber regularly employed for making the barrel. The Bakelite Pen is just as efficient, just as convenient, just as cleanly, and in addition has the features of novelty and convenience imparted by the clear amber transparency of this new material. The cost of the Bakelite Pens is slightly greater than that of the same pens with har<l rubber barrel, since Bakelite is more expensive and more difficult to manufacture.

The Parker Lucky Curve is the only invention that has ever been contrived and patented that really stops leaking and smearing your fingers.
The Spear Ink Controller is a little device to prevent ink from feeding too fast or dropping off the pen point should more ink be forced out of the reservoir by accident or otherwise.

The tapering inner cap fits perfectly and forms an ink: tight compartment for the gold pen. No valves or other complicated mechanism to get out of order. The Parker Lucky Curve Jack Knife Pen with safety cap  is the only fountain pen designed that can be carried with absolute safety in any pocket or in any position, and it will not leak. The Parker. Jack Knife Pen has two caps, the regular or outer cap which screws.

Jack Knife "Turban" inner cap that fit snug to shoulder section when the pen was inserted, so that ink didn't leak.

New Parker level lock disappearing clip, «The Clip That Disappears», there is nothing like it in the entire world. It is an entirely new departure in fountain pen clips. Instead of being riveted or clasping on the outside of the end making this end of the fountain look like an eye-sore, it is built on entirely different and distinctive lines- Like a good little servant, it is in evidence only when wanted. When not wanted it disappears to the level of the cap. The clip is visible above the surface of the cap only when the pen is ready to go into the pocket.

The Parker Anti-Break cap is so designed that the strain can never come at the edge which is naturally the weakest part of the rubber. It is just another feature which shows how scientifically constructed the Parker Pen really is.

The New Parker Self Filler Nothing like it in the Whole World. «Press the Button and it Fills Itself”. There is and has been an unmistakable demand for a satisfactory Self Filling Fountain Pen. For several years we have manufactured a self-filling pen which had a very large sale. This old style pen contained many of the objectionable features which are found in practically every self-filling pen made up to date, that is it had the humps and bumps on the outside of the barrel for the purpose of operating the self-filling device. The new Parker Self Filler is different -it has all the appearances of the regular style pen- all the humps and bumps have been omitted there is nothing to mar its beauty or weakest the strength of the holder.

Parker mod. #28, #26, #23, #23 Hexagon, #20 and #18. Courtesy of Luiz Leite.
Parker mod. #28, #26, #23, #23 Hexagon, #20 and #18. Courtesy of Luiz Leite.
Parker No. 18 furnished with a Disappearing clip.

No. 24 1/2- with two gold bands. Price $5.00. Same as No. 25 ½ regular but with two gold filled plain or chased bands on barrel. No. 25 1/2- with two gold bands. Price $6.00. Same as No. 25 ½ regular but with two gold filled plain or chased bands on barrel.

A Parker #24 "Turban" with two gold filled bands on barrel. Courtesy of FiveStarPens.
Parker mod. #9. Courtesy of Luiz Leite.
Parker mod. #10. Courtesy of Luiz Leite.

Parker models nos. 1 and 3 available with straight or taper cap.

Parker no. 1. Price $ 1.50. Black or mottled holder. A neat little pen. Has the "Lucky Curve" Screw Joint. A particularly good pen and warranted. It is the lowest in price of any Parker "Lucky Curve" made.
Parker No. 3. Price $ 2.00. Considerably larger than the ladie's size of the same number. Has the "Lucky Curve." This is one of the oldest styles, yet it is a popular pen today. Comes with a great variety of patterns on barrel. Courtesy of Fivestarpens.
Parker no. 6 Lucky Curve. Fountain, Ladies’, or Gentlemen’s size gold mounted. Price $3.00. Tapering cap. Has beautiful, chased barrel in a great variety of patterns, fitted with embossed or plain gold bands. It is made in two sizes, ladies’ size considerably smaller.
Parker pen No. 14. Price $5.00, sterling silver filigree. No. 16, gold, $6. 00. The silver is inlaid over the vulcanite, making a most striking looking pen. Space is reserved on name plate for engraving name of owner. No. 16, same pattern as above, solid 18K gold plate will wear for many years.
Parker no. 51. Price $3.50. Plain with a filled gold or sterling silver ornament in center of barrel for name. Courtesy of Luiz Leite.
Parker pen mod. #52 sterling hammered Swastica design. 138 mm. long capped. (Courtesy of Luiz Leite).
Parker no. 52. Sterling Hammered Silver Swastika Design. Price $12.00. From Michael Fultz collection.
Parker no. 15. Price $7.00. Just out. One of the prettiest in Parker line of fancy pens. Plain pearl slabs barrel with gold band. Gold filigree on cap. Name plate so the name of owner can be engraved on same. Photo Courtesy of Luiz Leite.
Parker no. 15. Barrel fitted with variegated Mother-of-Pearl slabs. Courtesy Luiz Leite.
Parker no. 33. Gold Filled. Price $5.50. No. 34. Sterling Silver, $4.50. Photo courtesy of PBA Galleries, Berkeley, CA. (image © Justin Benttinen)
Parker No. 43. Gold. Price $10.00. No. 44 Sterling Silver, $8.00.
Parker no. 35. Gold. Gentlemen's Size. Price $10.00. No. 36. Sterling Silver, $8.00
Parker No. 41. Gold filled filigree. Price $8.50. This large pen is fitted with a #5 nib.
Parker no. 45 Lucky Curve alternaning plain mother-of-pearl and abalone slabs. Cap with Galalith imitation pearl crown.
Parker no. 45. Mounted with corrugated pearl. In ellher plain white or colored.
Parker no. 46 Lucky Curve. Plain and striated mother-of-pearl slabs. Courtesy of PBA Galleries and Luiz Leite, respectively.
Parker no. 47 Lucky Curve "Pregnant Parker" alternating Mother-of-Pearl and Abalone panels. Auctioned by Bonhams in 2015.
No. 48. Gold. Price $8.00. 18K gold filled. A plain, rich pen. No. 55. Sterling Silver, $7.00. Courtesy of Tsachi Mitsenmacher.
Parker Awanyu "Aztec". Models #57, #58, #59, and #60.
A Parker Awanyu "Aztec" gold filled mod. #60 eyedropper. Auctioned by Bonhams´ house in December 2013 (image © Bonhams).
Parker pen mod. #39 "forget-me-nots" eyedropper. Auctioned by Bonhams´ House in December 2016 (image © Bonhams).
Parker no. 62. Price $14.00. Courtesy of Tsachi Mitsenmacher.
Parker Red Giants uncapped. Courtesy Tsachi Mitsenmacher.
Jointless section view.
Parker Jointless. Note the absence of joints.
Parker no. 20 Jack Knife Safety. Price $2.50. Price with gold filled ring $2. 75.

Any of these pens may may be had with any style pen point and also in various style barrel, plain black, mottled or chased.

Parker also have the following fancy mounted Jack Knife pens in the same design and at the same price as the regular style pens on these numbers listed and shown elsewhere in this catalogue: 15 Jack Knife, 48 Jack Knife, 49 Jack Knife, 55 Jack Knife and 56 Jack Knife.

Baby sizes. No. 14 Jack Knife Safety. Sterling Silver Mountings. Price $5.00. No. 16 Jack Knife Safety. Gold Filled Mountings. Price $6.00.
Parker no. 45 Jack Knife Safety. Price was $6.50.
No. 49 Baby Jack Knife Safety. 18K Rolled Gold. Price $10.00. Courtesy of Luiz Leite.
Black Parker Lucky Curve Safety eyedroppers. Long full-lenght, regular, and baby sizes. Courtesy Tsachi Mitsenmacher.
Mottled Parker Lucky Curve Safeties Turban-Top. #20 full-length, #23, and #25. Courtesy of Luiz Leite.
Mottled Parker Lucky Curve Safeties Turban-Top. #20 full-length, #23, and #25. Courtesy of Luiz Leite.