Based in this 44 page plus covers booklet. Although it is undated, the existence of the collapsible model #70 (1916) and no appearance of washer clip (1917) allows us to date, quite precisely, in the 1916 campaign.

A complete story of the PARKER Safety-Sealed Self- Filling Pen is given in this book — that is, the part of the big story that is of interest to you.

I have tried to be very conservative in all statements concerning the superiority of these good pens — though if you knew as well as I do how much real satisfaction the PARKER Lucky Curve gives — you would say it would be impossible to paint a word picture too good for PARKER.

I know you will be interested in the short talk on the manufacture and the construction as well as the detail pictures on the PARKER Safety-Sealed Self-Filler.

Over four hundred different styles —with a point made to fit any hand —surely gives a selection broad enough for anyone.

Geo. S. Parker

March 1917 ad. What do we mean by "Safety-Sealed"? Means no holes cut in wall of barrel. No openings, levers or rings where ink can get out to ruin clothes or linen.

Combination dealer and consumer pen insurance.

Every PARKER SAFETY-SEALED must be right — it must give absolute satisfaction and so I have provided every PARKER Dealer with an accident insurance one of which is given with every sale. (See reproduction in this page).

 Every single pen is carefully inspected and teste trained inspectors before leaving the factory but, as your entire satisfaction is our first and biggest thought, we issue this Accident Policy just as an extra precaution.

Thousands, yes tens of thousands of these policies have been issued but mighty few have had to be “paid.” Because we make the PARKER Safety-Sealed Pen so carefully and so well that its users have named it the 100 per cent fountain pen.

Yes—everyone has a real need for a good fountain pen—the PARKER.

The businessman needs a fountain pen all the time — and a PARKER Lucky Curve is a time and temper saver. A]. ways ready when papers are brought in to sign —or when a thought comes, to be put in writing.

Professional men—lawyers, public speakers, doctors, etc., write easier and faster with a free-flowing PARKER than with pencil. And there are no pencil points to sharpen.

Stenographers, bookkeepers, and all office workers find the PARKER a big help and an always ready friend in their everyday work. Always ready to write —always the same point and no dipping into the ink well.

School teachers say that a fountain in the classroom makes a better scholar. It writes so easy and is always ready. No ink-well-dip or mussy pencil sharpening. Nothing to divert the mind from the subject. The PARKER isa true friend and help in thousands of classrooms.

The woman at home enjoys a good fountain pen as much as the office worker. The PARKER in the home is always ready with a steady flow of ink and can be used any place with safety. The Safety PARKER is today carried in the handbag of thousands of women.

The man in the open —away from all the usual conveniences is another man who does appreciate a good fountain pen. That’s why so many PARKER Lucky Curves are shipped for use in all fields of man’s work.

Ten thousand and more have testified to PARKER Pen satisfaction.

 | have received so many fine letters telling of the good service these pens of ours give. And every one of us here at the factory appreciate these helpful letters — they make us feel that after all our constant effort to make the PARKER Safety Sealed “just the best fountain pen ever” —are worthwhile.

If you had received as many of these letters as I have I am sure you would want to print every one of them—and so do I — but, on account of space, I can only print a mere handful of them and I do hope you will read every one. Every letter reflects the pleasure and satisfaction some fountain pen user gets from the PARKER Safety- Sealed.

You know letters of this kind from actual purchasers, in all walks of life and in all parts of the country, tell in a most convincing way just how serviceably good are these PARKER Safety- Sealed Pens.

Good reading in these letters from PARKER Pen enthusiasts who know by actual purchase experience. Every loves their PARKER.

Construction of the PARKER Pen and why it is the 100 per cent fountain pen.

The big feature in the PARKER Pen—and only in the PARKER — is the safety-sealed self-filling arrangement.

The illustrations show just what happens when you press the button — filled in a wink with the simple press of a button.

Users have named the PARKER the safety sealed pen because there are no cuts, holes, slots or slits in the barrel. No place for the ink to leak out and cause all sorts of annoyance and damage. It is absolutely impossible for ink to leak from a PARKER Safety-Sealed fountain pen. It’s the safe pen to carry for anyone, at any time and any place.

You can see the hard rubber barrel is solid all the way up—not a single opening until you get to the top where the convenient “press-the-button” is located —and that is sealed tight as a drum with the little cap. The cap that is fitted with a triple thread, the thread that makes the cap screw on just three times as fast as the old style single screw thread found on most fountain pens.

All self-filling pens made have rubber sacs to hold the ink but none but the PARKER Safety-Sealed has or can have Safety-Sealed self-filler. This is an exclusive PARKER patent.

If the little rubber sac breaks, as it will in time, the PARKER goes on writing just the same without leaking a single drop of ink. It’s sealed tight against all trouble. It’s safe. And any PARKER Dealer (they’re all over the world) will put in a brand new sac in a few seconds, and at the cost of but a few cents.

So, you see there’s no trouble when you have a PARKER Safety-Sealed Self-Filler. That’s why the PARKER Safety-Sealed is the satisfaction—100 per cent pen. That’s why PARKER sales are growing so tremendously fast. Everyone wants the PARKER Perfect Pen—because it does satisfy.

You get the best there is at no extra cost. You have a selection big enough to pick the correct pen for your own individual needs and besides you have the PARKER guarantee of absolute pen satisfaction.

See the PARKER at your favorite store—try it in your own hand— push the convenient little button— see how easy and how convenient it is to fill the PARKER with the simple press of the button, and then it will be easy for you to decide on the best self-filling fountain pen. Your decision can’t help but be for the PARKER Safety-Sealed because the many advantages are so plain and so great.

The simple press of the convenient button fills the PARKER in a jiffy.

See page 39 for price list of parts for repairs.

How and why the Lucky Curve prevents leaking in the PARKER.

In order that you may understand why the PARKER doesn’t leak you must first know why pens generally do leak.

When you put a pen in your pocket, point up, most of the ink runs down into the reservoir, but not all of it — some always hangs up in the feed channel.

Between these two inks is a space full of air (see sectional view of a PARKER Lucky Curve in action —also common type of pen and note the difference).

Now there is usually about 98 degrees of heat in the body, which is considerable heat, and this body heat heats up the air space in the fountain pen. You know that when air is heated it expands and when it expands it simply has to get somewhere— it can’t stay in any more than steam can stay in a cylinder.

When this expansion takes place it naturally works against the line of least resistance — which is up through the feed channel and out through the pen point where, later on, it smears over your fingers or clothes.

As it expands it makes a plunge for the only place of escape—the feed channel. Instead of entering the channel in little minute bubbles, some peculiar law of physics makes it enter the feed channel in elongated bubbles— completely filling the ink channel. As the pressure continues this elongated air bubble gradually creeps upward in the feed channel, pushing all the ink

on top of it upward until the space around the nozzle is filled with ink where it is apt to be jarred or spilled over the end. This is why the user of the ordinary pen, that aa have the patented PARKER Lucky Curve, finds so much ink smeared around the nozzle.

Now let us tell you why the Parker doesn’t leak.

It’s because the PARKER feed channel isn’t straight like the ordinary pen. It’s curved at the lower end (see the X-ray photograph). If curves over and touches the wall of. the barrel. This magic touch is the secret —the open secret of the non-leaking success of the PARKER Pen. The moist wall of the barrel has so great an attraction for the ink in the feed tube that a tiny flood of ink instantly rushes downward whenever the pen is pointed upward.

It’s capillary attraction that makes the PARKER Lucky Curve suck all the ink down into the barrel. It’s that wizardly force that makes a lump of sugar, a sponge or a blotter suck liquid or a lamp wick suck oil.

The PARKER Lucky Curve is the only device ever contrived and patented that really stops this fountain pen leaking and smearing of fingers. All sorts of contrivances have been used, but so powerful is the expansion of heated air that ink is driven around plugs, rings, pistons and everything. There’s only one way to make a pen stop leaking at this point and that is the PARKER Way —stop the cause.

Please remember the PARKER is the only pen that removes the cause of leaking and smearing— and is the only pen that does not, cannot leak and smear. Now you understand why other pens always have ink around the nozzle and you know why the PARKER does not. Remember the PARKER Lucky Curve does it and the Lucky Curve is found only in the PARKER Safety Sealed—its a PARKER patent and found exclusively in the PARKER Pen.

Pick the pen that suits your work —sixty-one varieties.

I have made a particular pen for every particular use —there are many sizes, shapes and styles.

There are small ones that can be carried in the vest pocket or in the lady’s handbag, and there are big ones for the man that wants to feel as though he had something in his hand.

There are plain barrels, chased barrels, barrels that are ornamented with gold silver and precious stones.

In fact, a pen for every person, every use and every occasion.

But know that whichever pen you select has my personal guarantee. It must suit you absolutely and serve you well.

Geo. S. Parker

No. 20. Parker Jack-Knife Safety-Sealed Self Filler.

Plain holder. Price $2.50. Bakelite transparent barrel $1.00 extra. Can be furnished in ladies’s size.

No. 23. Parker Jack-Knife Safety-Sealed Self Filler.

Plain holder. Price $3.00. Bakelite transparent barrel $1.00 extra. Can be furnished in ladies’s size.

No. 24. Parker Jack-Knife Safety-Sealed Self Filler.

Plain holder large No. 4 gold pen. Price $4.00. Bakelite transparent barrel $1.00 extra.

All styles furnished with the following points: Fine, Medium, Coarse, Stub, Manifold, Oblique, Stenographer, Bookkeeper or Ball Point.

These numbers supplied in medium or long lengths as desired. Also furnished in regular Jack Knife Safety.

No. 20 1/2. Parker Jack-Knife Safety-Sealed Self Filler.

Fancy chased holder. Price $2.50. Can be furnished in ladies’s size.

No. 23 1/2. Parker Jack-Knife Safety-Sealed Self Filler.

Fancy chased holder. Price $3.00. Can be furnished in ladies’s size.

No. 24 1/2. Parker Jack-Knife Safety-Sealed Self Filler.

Large fancy chased holder. Price $4.00.

No. 20 1/2. Parker Jack Knife Safety-Sealed Self Filler.

Screw ring. Fancy chased holder. Price $2.75.

No. 20. Parker Jack Knife Safety-Sealed Self Filler.

Screw ring. Plain holder. Cap fitted with plain or chased band as desired. Price $3.25.

No. 23. Parker Jack Knife Safety-Sealed Self Filler.

Screw ring. Plain holder. Price $3.25.

No. 25. Parker Jack Knife Safety Sealed Self-Filler.

Plain holder. The entire fountain pen is large but you for get all about that as the large smooth shining pen glides switly over the paper. Bakelite transparent barrel $1.00 extra.

No. 25 1/2. Parker Jack Knife Safety Sealed Self-Filler.

Fancy chased holder. Same size as our No. 25 plain. $5.00.

No. 26. Parker Jack Knife Safety Sealed Self-Filler.

Large plain holder. Price $6.00. Bakelite transparent barrel $1.00 extra.

Parker No. 28 1/2. Parker Jack Knife Safety Sealed Self-Filler.

Large fancy chased holder witch gives a «feel» not afforded in the smaller sizes. Price $7.00.

Imprint Parker Bakelite No. 28.

No. 25. Parker Jack Knife Safety Sealed Self-Filler.

Plain holder. Large capacity. Cap fitted with chain attachment. Price $5.25.

No. 23 1/2. Parker Jack Knife Safety Sealed Self-Filler.

Fancy chased barrel. Two bands. Price $4.00.

Parker No. 48. Parker Jack Knife Safety Sealed Self-Filler.

Plain 18K gold filled. A plain rich pen that would please any one. Price $8.00.

No. 49. Parker Jack Knife Safety Sealed Self-Filler.

18K gold filled. Lined effect with scroll work on top and bottom of cap and barrel. Name plate for engraving owner’s name. Price $10.00.

No. 51. Parker Jack Knife Safety Sealed Self-Filler.

Plain rich black holder. Neat gold mounting in center pf barrel with space for engraving name.

Parker No. 20 1/2. Parker Jack Knife Safety Sealed Self-Filler.

Fancy chased holder. Plain or chased band as desired. Price $3.50.

No. 20. Parker Jack Knife Safety Sealed Self-Filler.

Baby size with ring. Easily slips into the vest pocket or hangd bag. Any plain Jack Knife Safety Sealed pen can be had in baby size. Can be attached to chain. Price $2.75.

No. 16. Parker Jack Knife Safety Sealed Self-Filler.

Gold filled mountings. Cap fitted with ring for chain attachment. Price $6.00.

No. 14. Same as No. 16 only silver mounting. Price $5.00.

Parker No. 18. Price $2.00. With Level Lock Clip $2.25.

Black or mottled holfer. 18 1/2 -same as No. 18 but with fancy chased holder. Same price.

No. 20. Price $2.50. With Level Lock Clip $2.75.

Made with smooth or threaded end where fingers grasp the fountain. One of the most popular numbers we make. Bakelite transparent barrel $1.00 extra.

No. 23. Price $3.00. With Level Lock Clip $3.25.

Plain holder. Bakelite transparent barrel $1.00 extra. No. 23 Hexagon will not roll from desk. $3.00.

Parker No. 20 1/2. Price $2.50. With Level Lock Clip $2.75.

This is the same size as No. 20. The only exception is the fancy chasing on the barrel and cap. May be had swhen so ordered with fancy chased barrel and plain cap.

No. 23 1/2. Price $3.00. With Level Lock Clip $3.25.

It is No. 23 but with beautifully chased barrel and cap. It is practically suitable for a lady’s pen, and can be furnished in a smaller sized barrel than regular, if desired.

No. 24 1/2. Price $4.00. With Level Lock Clip $4.25.

Fancy chased holder. Large gold pen. Ample ink reservoir.

Parker No. 24. Price $4.00. With Level Lock Clip $4.25.

Same as our No. 24 1/2, but with plain holder. In the bakelite transparent barrel $1.00 extra.

No. 24. Falcon. Price $4.00. With Level Lock Clip $4.25.

Fitted with a gold pen, wich is an exacte duplicate of the steel Falcon. Many wanting just such a pen. We have them in very fine points medium, coarse or even stub. Bakelite transparent barrel $1.00 extra.

Shorthand Pen. Price $4.00. With Level Lock Clip $4.25.

Made after the specification of one of the leading shorthand writers of the country. Short, elastic and practically without «set». Will write by its own weight.

Parker No. 25 1/2. Price $5.00. With Level Lock Clip $5.25.

If you enjoy writing with a large fountain pen, you should own a No. 25 1/2. It will tell its story of what real luxury is posssible to be afforded by a fountain pen.

No. 26. Price $6.00. With Level Lock Clip $6.25.

The smooth, beautiful action of this pen comes only from the larger sizes. Holds a liberal supplyy of  ink. May be had with fancy chased barrel and cap when so ordered.

No. 28 1/2. Price $7.00. With Level Lock Clip $7.25.

Made in response to a demand for a large pen. Very desirable for the lawyer, doctor. teacher, insurance or real state agent.

Parker No. 20 1/2. Ladies size. Price $2.50. With Level Lock Clip $2.75.

Barrel more slender than in regular size. Also furnished in Nos. 23 1/2 and 24 1/2 at same price of the regular. Not furnished in self filler.

No. 21 1/2. Price $3.50. With Level Lock Clip $3.75.

Fancy chased barrel and cap. Mounted with gold bands. Neat and attractive. Can be had with chased or plain bands. No.21. price $3.50. Same as above cut, plain holder. With Level Lock Clip, $3.75.

No. 21 1/2 Ladies size. Price $3.50. With Level Lock Clip $3.75.

This shows another style of ladies’ holder. Same as our 21 1/2 only in smaller size. Not furnished in self filler.

Parker No. 6. Price $3.00.

A very handsome pen. Has beautifully chased barrel fitted with 18K gold filled bands. It is made in two sizes -one size as shown, and ladie’s size considerably smaller. Not furnished in self filler.

Parker No. 6.

Parker No. 1 Price $1.50.

Plain barrel, straight or taper cap. A neat little pen. A very good pen and fully warranted. It is the lowest in price of any Parker pen made. Black or mottled barrel. Not furnished in self filler.

Parker No. 1. Mottled.

Parker No.10. Price $2.50.

Many like the corrugated handle of large size, which gives the fingers something to grasp and prevents them from slipping when moist. Not furnished in self filler.

Parker No.10. Price $2.50. Courtesy of Tsachi Mitsenmacher.

Parker No. 9. Price $4.00.

Essentially a gentleman’s pen. It is very handsome and large sized. An ample ink reservoir. Beautifully mounted in 18K gold filled. A superb pen in very way. Not furnished in self filler.

Parker no. 9. Price $4.00. Courtesy of Tsachi Mitsenmacher.

Parker No. 51. Price $3.50.

This is very plain with a filled gold ornament in center of barrel for name. It is so unique that it has already become a decided favorite.

No. 51 Parker Jack Knife Safety sealed self filler. Gold mounting in center of barrel with space for engraving name. Price $3.50. Courtesy of FiveStarPens.

Parker No. 50. Price $5.00.

Neat and attractive, barrel perfectly plain, cao crowned with white surrounded by gold filled bands. No. 50 1/2 same as No. 50 with chased barrel and cap. $5.00.

Parker 42 1/2. Price $4.50. With Level Lock Clip $4.75.

Neat, simple and elegant. Blank space on gold band in center for name. Furnished in new self filler at same prices.

Parker no. 42 ½ button filler. Photo courtesy of PBA Galleries, Berkeley, CA. (image © Justin Benttinen)

Parker No. 15. Price $5.00.

A superb pen. Barrel covered with tinted pearl slabs held in place in either end by gold filled bands. Blank space on name plate.

Parker No. 54. Price $12.00.

Cap and barrel 18K gold, with forget-me-not pattern. End of cap flat so it can be engraved and used as a seal.

Parker No. 43 Gold filled. Price $8.00. No. 44 Sterling silver. $6.00.

Holder comparatively small. Cap and barrel in dull finish. Modest and rich with a style all of its own. For a young lady, a more pleasing pen could hardly be selected.

Parker No. 43 Gold filled. Price $8.00. No. 44 Sterling silver. $6.00.

Parker No. 35. Gold filled. Price $8.00. No. 36 Sterling silver. $6.00.

Barrel and cap heavy 18K gold filled. Surely, a finer present of this kind could hardly be devised.

Parker no. 35. Gold. Gentlemen's Size. Price $10.00. No. 36. Sterling Silver, $8.00

Parker No. 41. Gold filled. Price $8.50. No. 31 Sterling silver. $7.50.

A beautiful pen. Same size as our No. 25. One of the most artistic pens of filigree design.

Parker No. 41. Gold filled filigree. Price $8.50. This large pen is fitted with #5 nib.

Parker No. 52. Price $12.00.

Sterling hammered silver Swastika design of good luck. Beautiful pen for gift purposes.

Parker No. 57. Awanyu. Hammered silver. Price $10.00. No. 58 Gold filled. $12.00.

This is a modification of No. 60 and in some respects superior to it as its construction admits of the slipover cap. This good luck emblem has already proven to be a popular number.

Parker No. 59. Steling silver. Price $16.00. No. 60 18K gold filled. $20.00.

«Awanyu» Aztec Indian design, hundreds of years old, but recently discovered bi archeologists. Awanyu means the giver of life and the hope that all good may be their lot.

Parker Awanyu "Aztec". Models #57, #58, #59, and #60.

Parker No. 48. Gold filled. Price $8.00. No. 55. Sterling silver. $7.00.

Plain 18K. gold filled. A plain, rich pen that would please any one.

No. 48. Gold. Price $8.00. 18K gold filled. A plain, rich pen. No. 55. Sterling Silver, $7.00. Courtesy of Tsachi Mitsenmacher.
No. 55 Baby Jack Knife Safety showing a less stylized section. Sterling silver plain barrel. Price $7.00.

Parker No. 49. Gold filled. Price $10.00. No. 56 Sterling silver. $9.00.

Barrel and cap 18K. gold filled. Lined effect with scroll work on top and bottom of cap and barrel. Name plate for engraving of owner’s name.

Parker mod. 49 Ladies´ size. 108 mm. capped.

Parker No. 39. Price $20.00.

Cap and barrel 18K. heavy gold filled. Beautifully worked pattern of forget-me-nots, each set with stones or pearls. The end of the cap is made flat so it can be engraved for a seal.

Parker pen mod. #39 "forget-me-nots" eyedropper. Auctioned by Bonhams´ House in December 2016 (image © Bonhams).

Parker No. 14. Price 35.00. Sterling Silver Filigree. No. 16. Gold Filled. Price $6.00.

The net is inlaid over the vulcanite, making a most striking looking pen. Space is reserved on barrel for engraving name of owner. No. 16—Same pattern as above, 14K gold filled, will wear for many years. Price $6.00. If you want to spend as much as $5.00 or $6.00 for a fancy pen you will like this style. Furnished in new Self Filler at same prices.

Photocomposition Parker #14. Price 35.00. Sterling Silver Filigree.

Parker No. 140. Sterling Silver. Price $6.50.

No. 140. Sterling Silver. Price $6.50. No. 140, Sterling Silver is exactly the same design as No. 14, but is fitted with a splendid No. 4 gold pen and the holder is one size larger.

Parker No. 160. Gold Filigree. Price $7.50.

No. 160, Gold Filigree. The same design as No. 16, in  14K gold filed filigree fitted with No. 4 Gold pen (the large pen having exceptional writing qualities).

No. 33, Gold Filled. Price $5.50. No. 34. Sterlin Silver, $4.50.

This pen is one of our leaders in the mounted styles. The contrast between the rich, highly polished rubber and the gold or silver mountings gives an effect that is very pleasing.

All styles furnished with the following points: Fine, Medium, Coarse, Stub, Manifold, Oblique, Stenographer, Bookkeeper or Ball Point. Furnished in new self-fillers at same price.

Parker no. 33. Gold Filled. Price $5.50. No. 34. Sterling Silver, $4.50. Photo courtesy of PBA Galleries, Berkeley, CA. (image © Justin Benttinen)

No. 61. Price $12.00.

Barrel, cap and nozzle entirely covered with 18K.  gold. There is something about the plainness of this pen that makes it very pleasing to the eye. A very beautiful gift pen. 

No. 62. Price $14.00. 

No cut can give you an adequate conception of this beautiful pen. When writing no rubber is visible, as even the nozzle as well as the barrel and cap is covered with the finest 18K gold. We do not know of any pen for anywhere near the price. For a present to a lady, it certainly would be prized as a treasure. 

Parker no. 62. Price $14.00. Courtesy of Tsachi Mitsenmacher.

No. 63. Gold Filled. Price $12.50. 

This pen is all plain with the exception of a beautiful little wreath in center of barrel which serves as a name plate. Lines appear around ends of barrel and cap. A very neat pen. 

No. 64. Gold Filled. Price $13.00. 

The mounting of this beautiful pen is entirely covered with a small, checkered design except the ends of barrel and cap which are plain with lines around. Space on barrel reserved. for name plate. A pen that would be highly prized as a gift. 

Parker No. 45. Price $4.50.

One of the most beautiful pens made; gold filled bands hold pearl in place. Cap 18K. gold filled in beautiful floral design.

Parker #45 eyedropper filled alternating corrugated pearl and abalone covered barrel. Photo courtesy of PBA Galleries, Berkeley, CA. (image ©Justin Benttinen).

No. 46. Price $7.00.

Design for the American Queen, the wife, daughter, sister, mother or sweetheart of any man. Cap and bands are 18K gold filled. Space on cap for engraving owner’s name.

Parker no. 46 Lucky Curve. Plain and striated mother-of-pearl slabs. Courtesy of PBA Galleries and Luiz Leite, respectively.

No. 47. Price $7.00.

Mounted with corrugated pearl, in either plain white or colored. Pearl crown. Decorated with three 18K gold bands which hold pearl in place.

A Parker #47 "Pregnant" mounting plain slabs of MOP. The beautiful morocco hinged covered case, satin line was $1.00 extra. Courtesy of Francis Phua.

Parker Emblem Pens   Price $10.00.  

We can supply the PARKER Pen with  the emblem of almost any of the prominent   orders. The cuts on this page show   two of the many styles. The emblem on   solid—not plated—gold band. 

This pen makes a fine present for some   secret order man. Can be supplied in the emblems of the following orders:   K. of P., K of C., I. O. O. F., Elks, Blue   Lodge, Chapter, Shrine, Knight Templar   and others. 

These emblem pens can be fitted with gold filled Level Lock Clip for 50c each  in addition to the price of the pen, which   adds very much to their beauty. 

18K rolled gold plate instead of solid   gold, same design, $6.00.  

Cannot be furnished in the Jack Knife Safety-Sealed style but may be had in either Standard or Self Filler.  

Parker Bookkeepers Special   Price $6.00.

 This pen was designed especially for bookkeepers. It is a double fountain pen, one end for black ink and the other for red. The ink reservoir for the red ink is red, which indicates at a glance which color of ink is in the barrel. The other end of the fountain is black, which also indicates the color of ink therein.  

Every bookkeeper who has seen and tried this is simply delighted with it. The fountain can be disjointed, if desired, thus making two complete fountains, in which event they could be carried in the pocket in the ordinary way.  

Parker Bookkeeper's Special. No. 100. Price $6.00.

Parker No. 70. New shaped PARKER Safety fountain pen. Price $12.50.

Designed specially for a commencement present or birthday gift. Collapsible. The cut shows the pen closed, and also open ready for writing. Covered with beautiful 18K gold mountings. End of cap fitted with ring for chain attachment. Its exclusive design as well as its beauty makes it an especially appropriate gift. Handsome case with each pen.  

Parker #70 collapsible Jack-Knife Safety. It was $12.50.

For gifts there is a PARKER suited to every occasion.

 There are many gift occasions when a truly good fountain pen—a   PARKER of course — makes the finest sort of a gift.  

For graduation presents, lodge affairs, for employers and employees a PARKER makes a gift that is always appropriate and better still—always very acceptable. Aside from the 70 pens listed on the preceeding pages we have some very   special pens—richly ornamented and in beautiful leather and plush cases.  

Remember, a PARKER Pen is always the right gift in the right place.  

Parker No. 24. Physicians with No. 4 Point $5.00   No. 25. Physicians with No. 5 Point $6.00.

For the doctor, trained nurse or medical student. This pen is the same as our regular No.24 pen but the end opposite the point is fitted with a certified clinical thermometer which has a little cap which protects it from loss or breakage. A certificate is sent with each termometer, showing that it is accurate. Can be supplied in screw joint or jointless at same price.  

The PARKER Jointless Fountain pen.

This is the most simple type of fountain pen we have ever developed and we especially recommend its use in offices that strive to be thoroughly equipped alone the lines of efficiency.

Especially is this true if the pen is used in connection with our Pump Filler bottle —the bottle that   makes fountain pen filling quick and easy.  

Some of the advantages of this type of pen are —Its extreme simplicity—no nozzle, no screw threads, nothing to take time away from fast work. Its ink capacity which is largely in excess of that of a self filler or in fact any other type of fountain pen which makes refilling very infrequent.  

Writing qualities —The “feel” of the pen is almost identical with that of a steel pen, owing to the position of the gold pen extending into the ink reservoir. See sectional view. 

Durability —Owing to the very few parts, there is almost an entire absence of breakage and with proper use the office efficiency pen should last a life time.  

The Parker Red Giant. Price $10.00.

Here is the king of all fountain pens. He measures 8 inches from the tip of his big No. 12 point to the end of his cap, and his girth is 2 5-16 inches. Supplied in either the Safety-Sealed or slip cap style. Cannot be supplied in self filler.

For a man that wants to get his grip on the biggest thing in the pen line, the Red Giant is the real thing. If you like a big pen or are making a gift to a man who likes big things and bold, here   is a large one that will surely satisfy. The Red Giant is made in either red or black rubber.  

Parker Red Giant. Courtesy of Gary and Myrna Lehrer.

Repairs —made by the men who built the pen—.

When accidents happen and repairs are necessary you want them made right. You want your pen fixed by men who know how.

And that’s why we are so particular about every piece of work that is done in our repair department. We realize that a fountain pen, more especially a PARKER, gets to be a mighty good friend. One gets to think of it as a friend. A companion that is always ready to help us in our work and a mouthpiece of our daily thought.

So when your pen does need a repair send it right to us and know that it will come back to you with renewed life —ready to work for you at any time— at any place.  

Parker Price List of parts for repairs.

GOLD PENS—No. 1, 75c; No. 2, $1.25; No. 3, $1.50; No. 4, $2.00; No. 5, $2.50: No. 6, $3.00; No. 8, $3.50; No. 12, $5.00. Repointing any size, 50c.  

REPOINTED Gold Pens are seldom, if ever, as good as new and are never warranted. It is cheaper and much more satisfactory in the long run to buy a new gold pen and turn the old one in as part pay. Gold pens represent just half the value of a plain fountain pen. A new gold pen for a $2.50 fountain will cost $1.25. New gold   pen costing $1.25, allowance of 25c for old gold pen; pen costing $1.50, allowance of 95¢ for old gold pen; pen costing $2.00, allowance of 50c for old gold pen; pen costing $9.50, allowance of 75c for old gold pen; pen costing $3.00, allowance of $1.00 for old gold pen; pen costing $5.00, allowance of $1.50 for old gold pen.  

CAPS—All sizes up to No. 23 inclusive, as No. 1, 18, 20, 23, 25c; No. 24, 35c; No. 25, 45c; No. 26, 50c; No. 28, 60c; Red Giant, $1.00.  

SCREW OUTER CAPS—For sizes No. 20 and 23, 30c; No. 24, 40c; No. 25, 45c.  

CAPS INNER CAP—For sizes No. 20 and 23, 25c; No. 24, 35c; No. 25, 45c.  

BLIND CAP for Nos. 20 and 23, 15c; for No. 24, 20c; No. 25, 25c.  

FEEDS—AIll sizes up to No. 23 inclusive, as No. 1, 18, 20, 23, 30c; No. 24, 40c;   No. 25, 45c; No. 26, 50c; No. 28, 80c; Red Giant, $1.00.  

SECTIONS—AIlI sizes up to No. 23 inclusive, as No. 1, 18, 20, 23, 24, 40c; No. 25, 45c; No. 26, 50c; No. 28, 80; Red Giant, $1.00.  

BARRELS—Plain or chased No. 1 and No. 18, 50c; No. 20 and 23, 60c; No. 24,   80c; No. 25, $1.00; No. 26, $1.25; No. 28, $1.50: Red Giant, $2.00.  

GOLD AND SILVER MOUNTED caps and barrels at special prices.  

RUBBER SACK for No. 20, 23 and 24, 15c; for No. 25, 20c.  

PRESSURE BAR for Self-Filling pens 50c each.

NEVER FAIL to mark each package with name and address also send instrucions.  

IN SENDING FOR REPAIRS always send the whole fountain, so that missing parts can be fitted.  

Do not fail to send 5c for insured or 12c for registered mail and return postage in addition to the price for part wanted; or if pen is sent for exchange, the same amount must be sent as above.

We are not responsible for packages sent by mail, going or coming, unless instructed to register.  

ALWAYS BE SURE when sending a pen for repairs to tell your troubles and ate exactly what you want done.

Cash must accompany all orders for repairs.  

Specialties and conveniences you will appreciate.

 Many years of manufacturing experience has taught us the right thing in fountain pen accessories.

On the following pages are described a few articles that might be called fountain pen luxuries —but things we all like to have, and having them, appreciate their usefulness.

Every single article listed has been thoroughly tested and found right so your buying safely is assured.

And then last, but by no means least, is the famous PARKER line of inks.

Though any old ink will perform better in a PARKER than any other fountain pen, still we do recommend good writing fluid.  

Like good oil in an engine, good ink is best in a fountain pen.

So don’t overlook PARKER Ink for your PARKER Pen. With it you are sure of the utmost fountain pen happiness.

Geo. S. Parker 

PARKER Fountain Pen Ink.

A PARKER pen will give good service with any ink but it will give better service with a good ink. Parker ink is made especially for fountain pens and as it costs no more than just ordinary ink it is best to buy PARKER’S. You will find PARKER Ink at you dealers and in many convenient containers. The one you want is there so remember and get PARKER Ink the next time. 

PARKER pump filler bottle.

A bottle that fills any fountain pen without unscrewing the nozzle. Tills and cleans at the same time. To fill the pen with this special PARKER Pump   Filler you simply insert pen in soft rubber diaphragm, tip the bottle upside down and pump a few times, and your pen is filled quickly and cleanly.  

PARKER fountain pen holders and clips.

Automatic Pen Holders.

Plain Style. No. 200. Black enamel from bronzed back. German silver chain. Prive 50c. each.

Styles 206 and 406. No. 206. Sterling silver front French grey finish, nickel back. German silver chain. Price $1.50 each.

Styles 307 and 407. No. 307. Sterling silver front and back, satin finish. Sterling silver chain. Price $2.50 each.

These Automatic Holders are just the thing for ladies to carry Jack Knife pens conveniently.

Faultless clip —two pieces. Slips onto any fountain pen.  Made in large, medium and pencil sizes. A good serviceable clip and one that is very popular. Price 5 cents each. 

New PARKER Level Lock Disappearing Clip.

There is nothing like it in all the world. It is an entirely new departure in fountain pen clips. The clip is visible above the surface of the cap only when the pen is ready to go into the pocket. Then it appears above the surface and grips the   lapel of the pocket as shown in the cut. As soon as the cap is taken from the pen point end the clip immediately disappears to the level of the surface of the cap, in which position it looks like a neat little nickel name plate —in fact the open space is usually left for the engraving of the owner’s name.  

It grips the pocket and holds but does not tea it. Two little holes are cut into the cap and the clip is held in place by the bridge formed between the two holes and also a small brass collar in the upper end of the cap.

Altogether it is the one clip that fills the idea of what a clip should be. Cannot be sold separate from the cap owing to the fact that each Level-Lock must be fitted to the cap. The price is only 25c in addition to the price of the pen.

The Level-Lock Clip also be furnished in gold filled for 50c in addition to price of pen.

Cannot be fitted to the Jack Knife Safety or to any style other than non-shoulder caps.

Engraving on mountings or in the rubber identifies your pen.

It’s a nice thing to have your name or your monogram engraved on your pen.

It identifies your pen as your pen —it’s a safeguard against loss and adds to the value of your pen. It makes it even more like your very own pen. 

Lodge and society emblems can be put on the cap shown below. This is very popular with many.  

There are many different styles of suitable engraving. Pick the one that best suits your individual taste, and we will do the work for you and do it   right and proper.

Some of the popular styles of lettering are Old English, Plate Script, Roman and Script. The charge for engraving is 25c for nine letters or less, and 3c for each additional letter. Must always be paid in advance.   

Lettering on the barrel of plain pens can be filled in with white or red which show up nicely. 

PARKER Safety-Sealed Self Filler Pen sold all over the world.

 Probably more PARKER Safety-Sealed Self Fillers are sold in armies and navies of the world than all   other makes of fountain pens combined. Why is this?  

Because those who are away from the base of supplies and cannot get repairs easily must have a pen   that does not get easily out of repair.  

That’s pretty good proof that the PARKER Safety- Sealed is the right fountain pen. 

In the PARKER Safety-Sealed, there is an entire absence of any holes in the wall of the barrel and the visible projecting levers, rings, etc., which are always evidences of weakness. 

In the PARKER Safety-Sealed you merely press the button to fill it. The button is sealed and out of sight. 

In event of injury to the Self Filler mechanism, the PARKER Safety-Sealed changes from a Self-Filler to a non-Self Filler. In the common type of self-fillers, accident to the interior mechanism means putting the pen out of commission, soiling of the fingers and person of the owner as well as mussing the clothes with ink.

Would any sensible person having the opportunity of making a choice between the PARKER Safety Sealed Self Filler and its freedom from the faults of others choose one of the old fashioned “hole in the wall” type of pens.  

Your judgment will supply the answer. 

Factory and main offices, Janesville, Wis., U. S. A.  

Offices and distributing and service stations in the Woolworth Building, Broadway, New York City; Milan, Italy; Copenhagen, Denmark; Zurich, Switzerland and Cairo, Egypt.