The Parker Pen Factory is located in Janesville, Wis., 90 miles northwest of Chicago. It has occupied a number of sites and outgrown them regularly every 7 or 8 years since 1891. The present plant is five stories high, was completed in 1921.

With the most up-to-date and efficient machinery and equipment in every department, it has been called one of the finest manufacturing plants in the country. Well lighted and ventilated, with hospital, restroom$, smoking rooms and cafeteria.

The Parker Pen Company employees have ideal working conditions. The whole plant is set at top speed to produce and distribute Parker Pens, Pencils, Desk Sets, Ink and sundries to satisfy their enormous world-wide demand. A most cordial invitation to visit us is extended to all our dealer friends who happen to be in neighboring cities.

Parker Duofold Pens in flashing black and gold or black-tipped lacquer-red handsome to carry, hard to mislay. Over-size, Junior and Lady size in the 6 degrees of points-Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Stub and Oblique. All Points guaranteed for 25 years not only for mechanical perfection but for wear.

Parker Duofold Pencils to match the pens. Over-size, Over-size Jr., and Lady size -lacquer-red or black- both gold-trimmed and finished with Gold Ring End for Ribbon or Chain or with Gold Pocket Clip. With Non-Clog Propeller that turns lead OUT for writing and IN for carrying.

Parker Duofold Black-Tipped Jade Pens & Pencils. The Parker Duofold, Green Jade. is doubly effective in combination with smart black tips.

Parker Duofold Lapis Lazuli. Another stunning color effect. A rich, deep shade of mottled Blue Permanite, black-tipped.

Parker Black and Gold Pens from $2.75 up. A staple line with sales mounting steadily, 14K Gold Points and rolled gold fittings at the price of nickel-trimmed pens.

Parker metal pens and pencils in nickel-in gold. Singly, or in Duettes these Parker metal pens are small and dainty but have large ink capacity. Those in gold are wrought as exquisitely as the finest jewelry. Your choice of 14K rolled gold in plain, or in chased design of classic beauty.

Pencils have Parker’s non-Clog feed that turns lead out for writing and in for carrying. Fill them at the tip, without removing mechanism. Furnished with gold ring end or with gold clip, as you prefer.

Parker Pastel pens. Non breakable barrels in charming new shades. Magenta, beige gray, mauve, apple green, coral and naples blue.

Parker Pastel pencils. Petite Parker pencils to match each dainty pen. Gold ring-end or clip as desired. Magenta, beige gray, mauve, apple green, coral and naples blue. Complete Duette sets -pen and pencil- only $6.50.

Parker Duofols pens and pencils in Chinese Yellow. Georgeous Chinesse Yellow -black tipped. Not mottled, but the same rich shade throughout.

Parker Single Desk Set with polished glass base. A very inexpensive Parker single desk set-suitable for office or home use. Because of its compactness, it takes up little room. And because of Parker’s ball-and socket action pens can be folded onto the base, and sets can be put away in a drawer and locked up -with points moist with ink so they will not dry.

Any Parker Pen can be converted into a tapered Desk Pen in a twinkling.

There is no necessity of tying up too much money in Desk Bases when you handle Parker Desk Sets. There is no need of losing sales because the customer does not happen to like the particular pen that happens to come with the set.

The reason is that Parker Pen and Base parts are interchangeable. The customer can select any pen from your regular Parker Pocket Pen stock – choosing the style, color and point that suits him best. Then you convert it into a tapered Desk Pen in a few seconds as shown above.

Parker Desk Sets also have the Ball and- Socket Bowl that keeps the pen point ever moist with ink ready to write instantly. The Ball and Socket also permits Pens to stand upright, tilt in all directions and lie level on the base. Should the Pen receive an accidental blow it automatically moves out of harm’s way. And because Pens lie level on the base the entire Set can be locked up in a drawer at night for safe-keeping. Gift Box included with all Sets.

When you write with a Parker Duofold, first to touch the paper is this droplet of ink -that is why the Parker Duofold is ever ready to go -as you will discover the instant pen point touches paper.  Here is the secret of the instant writing action of the Parker Duofold.

We grind an ink channel between the two prongs of the Parker nib. Thus, a thin film of ink is always present when the pen is in writing position. This ink forms a tiny droplet that projects beyond the iridium tip, just as a drop of water on your fingertip projects beyond the surface of the skin.

It’s a droplet too small to be easily seen but big enough to touch the paper ahead of the point. This sets up capillary attraction. So, the ink begins to flow the moment you start to write. The entire Parker Duofold Point is so strong, so skillfully tempered and ground, that we guarantee it 25 years, not only for mechanical perfection but for wear! Be sure your stock includes a full assortment – Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Stub and Oblique.

Parker’s Press Button Filler. Parker’s Ink-Tight Duo-Sleeve Cap.

Make this test yourself. Empty a Parker Pen, screw cap on tightly, immerse pen in water and press the filler button. Not a bubble. Now make the same test with any other pen. The Parker Cap has an inner sleeve that fits with micrometric precision when the cap is screwed on tight, thus forming an ink-tight seal with the nozzle.