Really, a second 1927 Parker Pen catalog, to which in 1928 was added a page with the Parker Duofold «Pearl and Ebony» –launching as Moderne Black and Pearl–. The absence of this color on the desk set pages and the fact that Geo. S. Parker, tell us about Parker’s 35 years of experience (remember that the Parker Pen Co. was incorporated in 1892) , place the printing of the main body of the catalog in 1927.

Back of each Parker product shown on the following pages is 35 years’ experience in the fountain pen business, a modern plant with the most up-to-date and efficient machinery obtainable, and a fine organization of skilled workmen imbued with one ideal —to make the finest writing instruments in the world.

Parker Duofold Pens and Pencils in Black-Tipped Lacquer-Red.

Parker Duofold in Black-Tipped Green Jade.

Parker Duofold in Imperial Mandarin Yellow, Black-Tipped.

Parker Duofold in Flashing Black-Tipped Lapis Lazuli.

Parker Duofold in flashing Black and Gold.

Parker Duofold Duette Sets.

Pens and Pencils to match with attractive Gift Box included free. Obtainable in 3 Sizes; Over size, Junior and Lady and in all Duofold color combinations.

Parker Duofold Pens and Pencils in Pearl and Ebony.

Parker «Three-Fifty» pens in Modernistic Blue.

Parker Pens in Black  & Gold.

Parker Pastel Pens with a new Moire Finish. Six alluring colors; magenta, beige grey, mauve, coral, apple green, and naples blue.

Parker Pastel Pencils.

Parker Pastel Duette Sets. Pen and Pencil to mach with gift box included, only $6.50. With smart grain-feathered Penvelope, $8.00.

Parker Desk Sets.

Counter demonstration desk set. For dealers’ use in demostrating operation of Parker desk set and pen combinations obtainable, 4 sizes, 5 colors, 6 points.