Back of each Parker product shown on the following pages is over 35 years of Mr. Geo. S. Parker’s personal experience in the fountain pen business, a modern plant with the most up-to-date and efficient machinery obtainable, and a fine organization of skilled workmen imbued with one idea-to make the finest writing instruments in the world.

Parker World’s Largest Selling Pen.

Parker products have served the world for over 35 years, and have been constantly improved with new materials, new methods, new inventions. Today Parker Duofold Pens have reached such a state of perfection, we guarantee them for life. The desk sets come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials and are the only ones offering instant convertibility pocket to desk set.

Select the Proper Point.

Nothing is more personal than a fountain pen. Nothing gives the user greater satisfaction than a properly selected point in a thoroughly reliable pen. On the other hand, nothing gives more distress and annoyance than a point not fitted to the user’s hand, or a pen which does not work due either to carelessness or misuse.

There are six Parker points you can choose from-Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Stub an Oblique.

For close figure work, or fine memoranda, for general correspondence, for the individual who holds his pen edgewise, 0r for the one who slants his pen noticeably to the right or left, PARKER makes the proper point.

Leak Proof Parker’s Duo Sleeve Safety Cap hermetically seals the pen point. No ink can get out. No air can get in. Turn the outer cap until it creaks when closing pen.

Button Filler. No lever or hole through side of pen barrel to disfigure it. No air gets to rubber sac to rot it. No ink can leak out even if sac breaks. To fill correctly -remove top, press button once only, release ·button and count ten before withdrawing pen from ink.

28% Lighter Than Rubber. Parker Permanite material makes a pen that your hand never tires of holding.

Parker Duofold Pens Are Guaranteed For Life.

This generous guarantee is indicative of inherent quality, precision workmanship and belief that every owner of a Parker Duofold Pen has a right to expect perfect service from that pen, rather than simply a willingness to adjust minor troubles. Everything has been done to make Parker Pens as perfect as human care and intelligence can make them, and Parker’s Guarantee for Life is the gold seal of that endeavor.

Parker Duofold Pens and Pencils. Moderne Green and Pearl.

These Pens and Pencils are truly the standard of comparison. The beauty of the iridescent pearl and green cannot possibly be imitated. Slender, lightweight, _streamlined-shape and very improvement known to writing instruments has been put into these Pens and Pencils. Both the Pen and Pencil are convertible from Pocket to Desk Set. The Pen is guaranteed for life.

Parker Duofold Pens and Pencils Moderne Black and Pearl.

These Parker Duofold Pens and Pencils are the sovereigns of the pen world. They contain more pearl than those of any other made. The Pen has an extra-large, heavy gold point, iridium tipped, three gold bands and jeweler finish throughout. Convertible from Pocket to Desk Set-and guaranteed for life.

Parker Duofold Senior Pens.

Its streamlined shape, more gold and iridium in the nib a choice of five of the most attractive colors, and a guarantee for life give these Pens a value of much more than their actual price. Instantly convertible from Pocket to Desk Set.

Parker Duofold Senior Pencils.

They match the Pens in design, quality and workmanship and set low in the pocket. The only Pencils made of the same beautiful Permanite and to the same high standards as the Parker Duofold Senior Pens. Non-clog propeller turns the lead out for writing and in for carrying. Refillable without taking apart. Instantly convertible from Pocket to Desk Set.

Parker Duofold Junior Pens.

The same design, quality and guarantee are offered in the Duofold Junior Pens as are found in the Senior models. Pressureless touch, non-breakable Permanite barrels, 28% lighter than rubber and the convertible feature–like two pens in one. Made for the man who prefers a pen slightly smaller than the Senior models.

Parker Duofold Junior Pencils.

The Junior Pencils-like all Parker models-match the pens, and set low in the pocket because the clip starts at the top -not halfway down the cap. Can’t clog, can’t jam and easy to fill. Just slip the lead into the tip.

Parker Lady Duofold Pens.

Guaranteed for life! Jewel-like, non-breakable barrels. These perfectly poised pens, in streamlined shape, feel at home in any hand. Parker’s famous Duo-sleeve cap absolutely prevents leakage–no danger of spoiling clothes or handbag.

Parker Lady Duofold Pencils.

In design and color-a perfect match for the Lady Duofold Pen. Small enough to fit any lady’s band comfortably and yet large enough for men who prefer them. Jeweler standards in beauty, workmanship and finish.

Vest-Parker Duofold Pens.

One of Parker’s newest ideas. Makes an instant hit with both men and ladies. I􀃈dal for golf, bridge, purse or pocket-guaranteed for life. The streamlined shape fits any hand and gives remarkable writing ease. Non-breakable and non-leakable -a safe pen to carry.

Vest-Parker Duofold Pencils.

Combining beauty and utility, these pencils correctly match the new pens and are equally attractive for pocket or handbag. Carry full length leads and standard eraser-propel and repel mechanism.

Parker Duofold Duette Sets.

The beauty of the perfectly matched Parker Duofold pens and pencils in streamlined shape, is clearly shown in Parker Duette Sets. Obtainable in 3 sizes-Senior, Junior and Lady, and in all Duofold color combinations. Attractive gift box free when ordered in sets. The catalog number and price of all Parker Duette Sets are simply the combination of the individual number and price of the pen and pencil.

Parker True Blue Pens and Pencils.

A bright modernistic blue and white color combination -a smart looker and a smart writer. Just the pen and pencil for school. Like all Parker Pens, it is convertible from Pocket Pen to Desk Set Pen. Non-breakable barrels and the same streamlined shape of the Duofold models.

Parker Moire Pens.

In the softer colors the modern woman so enjoys-tints that blend with dainty gowns or colors of her boudoir. Slender, lightweight, non-breakable, non-leakable–a safe pen to carry in a handbag and convertible to a Desk Set pen. Gold ring-end or clip as desired.

Parker Moire Pencils.

Made in the same six modern Pastel color harmonies and design of the Moire Pens. A touch of smartness in pencil styling. Can’t clog. Can’t jam. Easily filled by inserting lead in tip.

Parker Pens Raven Black and Gold.

Full range of iridium tipped gold points, super-smooth, hand-ground. Made of jewel-like black Permanite -28% lighter than rubber, yet non-breakable. Convertible from Pocket to Desk Set pen -like two pens in one.

Display Cases.

Pocket cap with clip Included with all Parker Desk Set pens or pencils. Taper given without charge with all Parker bases.

The No. 8 Parker case illustrated is typical of the new designs in floor cases, adapted for the display, not only of an adequate assortment of pens and pencils hut also desk sets and Duette sets. A special show case circular illustrating a complete line of show cases from the No. 3 counter case to the No. 24 floor case furnished on request.

Parker Desk Sets.

Parker is the only convertible Pen and Pencil. It is «like two pens in one», for every Parker Duofold is made to fit Parker desk set bases. Instantly convertible from pocket to desk set is an advantage that only Parker’s users can enjoy. A pocket cap with clip is furnished free of charge with all desks set Pens and Pencils. The Pens are always ready to write, as the points stay moist in the air-tight receptacle. The universal action of the Ball-and-Socket Holder allows the Pen to stand upright, tilt in any direction, or lie flat when not in use. Artistic beauty with unrivaled writing efficiency!

Parker Combination Double Desk Sets.

Pocket cap with clip included with all Parker Desk Set pens or pencils. Taper given without charge with all Parker bases. Again, Parker leads in the development of Commercial Double Desk Sets with both the pen and the pencil instantly convertible from the desk to pocket. To make these bases fit the several sizes of pens and pencils, it is simply necessary to change the sockets. The complete range of color in any particular size is available from stock, affording opportunity to meet the desire of the customer as to size, color and price.