Geo. S. Parker has made 47 major improvements in fountain pens.

Parker Duofold Pens and Pencils.

Moderne Pearl, Green and Black. The beauty of these new Parker Duofold pens and pencils cannot possibly be equalled. In design, quality and workmanship they represent the acme in writing instruments. Both the pen and pencil are instantly convertible from pocket to desk set. The pen is guaranteed for life. Both set low in the pocket.

Parker Duofold Moderne Green and Pearl.

These Pens and Pencils are truly the standard of comparison. The beauty of the iridescent green and pearl cannot possibily be imitated. Slender, lightweight, streamlined shape and every improvement known to writing instruments has been put into these Pens and Pencils. Both the Pen and Pencil are convertible from Pocket to Desk Set. The Pen is guaranteed for life.

Parker Duofold Moderne Black and Pearl.

These Parker Duofold Pens and Pencils are the sovereigns of the pen world. They contain more pearl than any other make. The Pen has extra large, heavy gold point, iridium tipped, three gold bands and jeweler finish throughout. Convertible from Pocket to Desk Set –and guaranteed for life.

Parker Duofold Burgundy and Black.

A new, breath-taking beauty by Parker -here is tomorrow’s pen. today. Streamlined shape, made of non-breakable Permanite, a point that writes with Pressureless Touch, and the pen is guaranteed for life. Both the pen and pencil are convertible from pocket to desk set.

Parker Duofold Senior Pens -$7.

Its streamlined shape, more gold and iridium in the nib, a choice of five of the most attractive colors, and a guarantee for life give these Pen a value of much more than their actual price. Instantly convertible from Pocket to Desk Set.

Parker Duofold Senior Pencils $4.25.

They match the Pens in design, quality and workmanship and set low in the pocket. The only Pencils made of the same beautiful Permanite and to the same high standards as the Parker Duofold Senior Pens. Non-clog propeller turns the lead out for writing and in for carrying. Refillable without taking apart. Instantly convertible from Pocket to Desk Set.

Parker Duofold Junior Pens -$5.

The same design, quality and guarantee are offered in the Duofold Junior Pens as are found in the Senior models. Pressureless-Touch, non-breakable Permanite barrels, 28% lighter than rubber and the convertible feature -like two pens in one. Made for the man who prefers a pen slightly smaller than the Senior models.

Parker pen desk sets.

To Proteet Parker Pens from Inks that Clog and Gum.

We created QUINK the quick-drying ink-contains a solvent that keeps any pen clean.

Three years ago we discovered that 69 per cent of the service required by fountain pens was due to inks that clog the feed, gum the point, and rot the ink sac.

For our own protection, in guaranteeing Parker Duofold Pens for life, we decided to create a miracle ink. We made up 1,022 formulas before succeeding. The first bottle of Quink cost us $68,000. You can now buy one like it for 15c.- Permanent all colors or Washable Blue. Not a trace of sediment in a barrelful.

Parker Duofold Junior Pencils $3.75.

The Junior Pencils -like all Parker models- match the pens, and set low in the pocket because the clip starts at the TOP -not halfway down the cap. Can’t clog, can’t jam and easy to fill. Just slip the lead into the tip.

Parker Lady Duofold Pens $5.

Guaranteed for life! Jewel-like, non-breakable barrels. These perfectly-poised pens, in streamlined shape, feel at home in any hand. Parker’s famous Duo-sleeve cap absolutely prevents leakage -no danger of spoiling clothes or handbag.

Parker Lady Duofold Pencils $3.25.

In design and color -a perfect match for the Lady Duofold Pen. Small enough to fit any lady’s hand comfortably and yet large enough for men who prefer them. Jeweler standards in beauty, workmanship and finish.

Vest-Parker Duofold Pens-$5.00. In Pearl Colors-$6.00.

One of Parker’s newest ideas. Makes an instant hit with both men and ladies. Ideal for golf, bridge, purse or pocket -guaranteed for life. The streamlined shape fits any hand and gives remarkable writing ease. Non-breakable and non-leakable-a safe pen to carry.

Vest-Parker Duofold Pencils-$2.50. In Pearl Colors-$3.00.

Combining beauty and utility, these pencils correctly match the new pens and are equally attractive for pocket or handbag. Carry full length leads and standard eraser-propel and repel mechanism.

Parker $3.75 Duettes.

Bronze and Blue, Onyx, and Green and Gold

Parker dealers are enabled to meet the insistent demand of the juvenile market with these new low priced Duettes, packed in an attractive gift box.

Selling in sets only at $3.75 increases volume and the purchaser saves 75c for the price of the pen singly is $3.00 and the pencil $1.50. The Parker name assures the purchaser of the most quality per dollar invested. All metal fitments are gold-filled and the barrels and caps are unbreakable Permanite.

Parker $5.00 Duettes.

Mahogany and White, Grey and Red, and Blue and Black.

Today, more than ever before the popular demand is for quality at economy prices. Parker enables the dealer to meet this with the new medium priced Duettes, sold in sets only at $5.00, saving the purchaser 75c and building volume for the dealer.

These new $5.00 Duettes are packed in beautiful gift boxes, and the merchandise is Parker quality throughout. The pen singly is priced at $3.75 and the pencil $2.00

Parker Pens Black and Gold $2.75.

Combining beauty and utility, these pens have a full range of iridium tipped gold points, super-smooth, hand ground. Made of jewel-like Permanite -28% lighter than rubber, yet non-breakable. Covertible from Pocket to Desk Set -like two pens in one.