Parker Catalog July 1940. Back flap.
Letter-introduction of 1940 Parker Pens Catalog signed by Kenneth Parker.

Parker Two-for-Life – Parker Vacumatic – Parker Duofold – Parker Quink – Parker Desk Sets – Parker Writefine – Parkette Zephyr – Parker Challenger – Parker Imperial – Parker Companions.

In 1888 Geo. S. Parker «shot an inspired arrow into the air» that market the real beginning of the pen business… beginning were humbble, but growth was phenomenal.

The «Lucky Curve» feed was introduced in 1894, the first of many forward steps each of which in turn have revitalized pen profit opportunities. In 1904 Mr. Parker presented his self-filling pen, followed closely during the next decade by the Spearhead feed, Safety-seal cap, Press-button filler, and the improved Parker pencil.

The year 1921 is indelibly identified as the introduction year of Parker Duofold. The followed the Parker non-breackable barrel, streamlined balanced shape, and Parker Quink.

In 1932 Parker introduced the Parker Vacumatic and started pen dealers on the way to ever greater profits.

The most perfect combination of suave styling and brilliant writing performance ever available in writing instruments. A lifelong treasure with a priceless future. Features all the famous Parker Vacumatic refinements. Presented in beautiful brown leather gilt case.

Imperial Coronet. 14K combination yellow and green gold barrel and cap. Pen (No. 4052) 3100; Pencil (No. 4532) $50; Set (No. 4032/4552) $150.

Imperial Ensign. 14k combination yellow and green gold cap, Laminated Jet barrel. Pen (No. 4031) $50; Pencil (No. 4531) $30; Set (No. 4031/4531) $80.

Imperial Princess. 14K combination yellow and green gold cap. Laminated Jet barrel, Pen (No. 4030) $45; Pencil (No. 4330) $25; Set (No. 4050/4530) $70.

Magnificently styled gilt ensembles. The traditional beautiful of the laminated design is further supplemented by wide 14k gold bands and 14K gold clips. The finest pen performance ever attained is assured by the precision Parker Vacumatic refinements. Presented in new tooled leather jewel case.

Imperial Major Signet.

Imperial Lady Signet.

Imperial Signet.

Imperial Debutante Signet.

Parker Senior Maxima.

This luxurious, Guaranteed-for-Lile Pen is extra-long and oversize, yet is well-styled and well -balanced. Featured are such important refinements as the exclusive diaphragm filling mechanism, extra-large ink capacity, satin smooth 14 K Gold point — platinum plated and tipped with Osmiridium, and the famous Parker laminated construction with Full Television ink supply.

The set includes the new Vacumatic pencil which features the double length, super-strength, Writefine Leads … and is encased in the most appeal in gift box that Parker has ever developed.

Supplied in Laminated Jet, Golden Pearl, Silver Pearl, Burgundy Pearl and Emerald Pearl.

Parker Slender Maxima.

This pen is styled for maximum comfort for people with medium-sized hands: also, very popular with many women, Includes all of the Parker features. such as the exclusive patented diaphragm filling mechanism, Full Television ink supply, large ink capacity, platinum: plated, Osmiridium-tipped 14K Gold point, and the top-of-cap clip that permits low placement in the pocket. The set includes the Parker pencil featuring the new Writefine leads.

It is encased in a lovely new Parker gift box.

Parker Major.

Parker’s most popular Guaranteed-for- Life pen. Typical, sturdy Parker construction and the many refinements that have made Parker Vacumatic the greatest name in pens. Medium length and girth, smart laminated cap and barrel. Full Television ink supply, polished Osmiridium tip on 14K gold. Platinum plated nib.

New laminated Parker pencil featuring Writefine leads for better pencil performance.

Set presented in beautiful new Parker gift case.

Parker Debutante.

Smaller… slimmer … especially styled for the feminine hand. Nevertheless, this beautiful ladies’ pen includes all of the exclusive Parker features. The diaphragm filler allows ample ink capacity even for a pen of this small size… also features Television ink supply, platinum- plated, Osmiridium-tipped 14K gold point, top-of-cap arrow clip, and beautiful laminated construction.

Parker pencil to match employs the new, extra-long, super-strong Writefine leads.

Parker Junior.

The finest pen obtainable at $5… now styled also in the famous Parker laminated construction. Includes the same exclusive features as the higher-priced Parker Vacumatic pens, and will give long, dependable performance.

The matching pencil has the regular Parker propel, repel, and expel mechanism and features the new Writefine leads.

The set is presented in the lovely Tenite duo- tone gift box.

Parker’s Sub-Deb Vacumatic pen is now styled in the same laminated construction as the Parker Debutante. Here is the perfect pen for the girl graduate or for any woman who desires a dependable, gracefully designed writing instrument. Includes all the famous Vacumatic refinements and is similar to the Junior Vacumatic, except that the barrel and cap are smaller and are slenderized.

The matching pencil uses the new Writefine leads, and the set is encased in the popular Tenite giftt box.

Parker Duofold is the pen that revolutionized the pen industry and brought to the world a new conception of pen styling and performance, It has kept pace with the Wears and now We present Parker Duofold in a completely new, appealing style … the beautiful Laidtone design. While the pen in either of the models illustrated costs $3.95, the set, including the fine Duofold pencil using Writeline leads, is obtainable at the incredibly low price of $5… Presented in a new brown leather effect gift box of unusual richness.

Parker Challenger. Easily the most appealing buy in the low-priced field. Non-breakable barrel and cap, Osmiridium-tipped Gold porn, press-button leverless filling mechanism, Visometer Ink Supply, and smartly designed clip. Set is only $3.05; pen is $2.75, pencil separately is $2,00.

Parkette Zephyr. The ideal pen for school use. It will give long dependable writing service. Appealingly styled, including Visometer Ink Supply, Osmiridium-tipped point, and top-of-cap clip for low pocket placement.

The Parker Writefine pencil.

Here is the pencil that has been needed for a long lime. It employs the double-length, super-strength Writefine leads, therefore requiring less refilling and writing a finer line but more than that, it has the extra-long eraser that can be turned out just like lead, as it is used, thus eliminating the annoyance of a worn-out, useless eraser and keeping the eraser always handy and ready for use. This pencil is more handsomely styled. too. It is slender, well proportioned, and the threading on the lower barrel provides a firmer grip and adds to the appearance as well.

Parker Catalog July 1940. Back cover flap.
Parker catalog July 1940. Flyer presentation of the Azure Pearl color pens.
Parker pens July 1940 Order Blank. Obverse.
Parker pens July 1940 Order Blank. Reverse.

1940 PARKER duofold sacless CATALOG

The Duofold Senior pen and pencil set. The Blue Diamond on the smart end clip of the pen is Parker’s life contract guarantee. The Duofold Ingenue set for ladies is the same in every way except slightly smaller for feminine preference. Either set $12.75 (Price $15.30).

The Duofold Major set is the favorite in its price class. Pen has the sacless filling mechanism that permits extralarge ink capacity. The Duofold Debutante set is the ladies size, Either set $7.50 (Price $9.00.)

Sacless Duofold set meets all army regulations because of the top of the cap clip. Has 14K gold nib tipped with Osmiridium. Sacless Duofold Sub-Deb set is the ladies size. Either set $5.00 (Price $6.00.)

The most intimate gift one could give or receive—the finest writing instruments ever offered in the fifty and more years of Parker history. This year, more than ever, will Parker pens and sets be welcome. Their smart styling, rich materials and the super craftsmanship they manifest make them more than just writing instruments… they are possessions to quicken the pulse of the owner with the pride of having the finest. The name Parker Duofold assures its owner that all modern exclusive features are embodied in the pen… such features as the original military type clip, one hand filling arrangement, 14K metallurgically exact gold nibs tipped with wear resisting Osmiridium, and the Laidtone motif of design. Every Parker set is furnished in handsome simulated leather presentation case—veritable jewel boxes for the Parker Jewels of Pendom.

Parker’s Blue Diamond is a Life Guarantee Contract Parker Duofold—The name that receives the highest respect when fine pens are mentioned— now is exclusively and modernly styled in smart iridescent Laidtone Permanite.

The Duofold Senior. The finest Duofold pen that money can buy. Beautiful and practical in its styling. Its full-vision barrel always shows the ink supply. Because of the lever less sacless filling mechanism the Duofold holds an extra reserve of ink that makes refilling’s few and far between. The 14K gold point is tipped with Osmiridium. The top of the cap clip carries the pen low and bears Parker’s Blue Diamond guaranteeing for life the perfect writing qualities of the pen. The Duofold Senior Pencil to match. It is slim and balanced for more writing comfort with double length Writefine leads that last twice if standard.

The Duofold Ingenue. Smaller, slimmer, and especially styled for the feminine hand. Contains all of the same exclusive Parker features as the Duofold Senior.

Matching pencil, too, is slightly smaller, Pen and Pencil Sets come in rich simulated leather presentation cases.

Duofold Senior and Ingenue pens, as marked with the Blue Diamond, are guaranteed for the life of the owner against everything except loss or intentional damage, subject only to a charge of 85c for postage, insurance and handling, provided the complete pen with all the genuine Blue Diamond parts is returned for service.  

Parker Sacless Duofold Pens Designed for Perfect Writing.

Here truly are pens they all want and can afford. Reasonably priced, yet constructed with all the fine craftsmanship and superior materials that for years have made Parker pens preferred all over the civilized world.

The Duofold Major. Stylish in its appointments with military type clip, full ink visibility and smooth writing 14K gold nib tipped with time and wear-resisting Osmiridium. It’s one hand sacless filling mechanism has been found to be the most practical. The Duofold Major Pencil matches the Major pen in color and styling. It employs the famous Writefine leads that are twice as thin but 3899 stronger than standard.

The Sacless Duofold. Same large sized pen with sacless filling device. Has 14K gold nib tipped with Osmiridium for writing “smooth as oil”. Full television ink supply, military style clip and other exclusive Parker Duofold refinements make this an economical pen that will give long, dependable service. Never before has such luxury and value been offered in pedigreed pen and pencil sets. Both the Duofold Major or Debutante, ladies size, and the Sacless Duofold or Sacless Sub-Deb Duofold come in new simulated leather gift boxes—brown for the man, white for the lady.  


The Parker Sealomatic Socket on all Blue Diamond bases actually and effectually seals the point from ink evaporation, This is done by a special patented mechanism within the bowl that functions like the outer cap of a pocket pen, but without the use of threads,

Two of the Finest Sac Type Pens Offered the Public.

The Parkette Zephyr. The full-sized sturdily constructed pen, the finest in its price class. Visometer ink supply, lever filler, 14K gold nib tipped with Osmiridium, and the clip is on the end of the cap to meet military and fashion rules. Design is a smart marbled pattern. Matching pencil uses the longer, stronger Writefine leads that never become flat.

The Writefine Pen. Not just another dollar pen, but as fine an instrument as can be obtained at anything near this price. Visometer ink supply shows when refilling will soon be necessary, Easy-action lever filler, military clip, engraved band, rador nib tipped with Osmiridium make this a pen that will deliver years of fine service.

Writefine Pencil. Employs the new Writefine extra thin, extra strong leads that insure permanent sharpness. Smart styling and sturdy construction make this an outstanding pencil at a very low cost. Parkette Zephyr Set—Makes an ideal gift for school or office use, Will deliver a maximum of service at low cost, Attractively boxed in velour type presentation case,