Catálogo Sheaffer´S 1925

This catalog contains 4 unnumbered sheets added at the end, after the Index, which are possibly slightly later than the initial edition.

In presenting to you this catalog, it has been the primary object to present the entire line in a clear and understandable manner. The merchandise has been faithfully represented in regard to size, design, appearance and color.

To our dealers who have made this catalog possible, we present this compendium of illustrations of our line with untiring faith in their loyally to the Company and the eternal assurance that this faith will be continuously rewarded with the best pens, pencils and writing materials possible for human ingenuity to devise.

All Sheaffer products are guaranteed against mechanical defects and faults of material and construction. In addition to this broad and comprehensive guarantee, the nib of the Lifetime pen is unconditionally guaranteed for life against anything but permanent and total loss.

The Golden Rule is followed in conducting this business. This fact, in addition to the unquestionable quality of the merchandise and the strength of the guarantee, is the principal contributing factor to the swift but solid growth of the W. A. Sheaffer Pen Company.


Every operation in the construction of the Sheaffer pen is thoroughly inspected and tested to assure the dealer of securing perfect merchandise. Points of superiority in the Sheaffer pen give special selling arguments to dealers and their clerks in the sale of this product.

  1. Clip inserted in cap and over inside cap so it cannot pull out.
  2. Clip shank of optical spring metal that will retain its spring and holds firmly.
  3. Ball dip tip holds firmly to an y cloth, easy to slip over edge of pocket, and holds tightly without wearing or tearing the cloth.
  4. Inside cap securely anchors the dip and forms an airtight chamber for the point so it cannot leak or sweat in your pocket.
  5. Section firmly seated against inner cap by perfectly cut threads. Screw cap prevents pen coming open in the pocket.
  6. Banded cap avoids breakage and improves appearance.
  7. Large sack of finest rubber latex permits plentiful supply of ink.
  8. Filling mechanism lies flat, requires little room and is 6mi1y fastened in place.
  9. Filling lever fastened into place and locks in slot in the bar holding it in place. Remains flush and does not ex fen d beyond barrel of pen.
  10. Thumbnail recess permits easy lifting of lever for filling.
  11. Pressure bar entirely deflates sack and springs back when released. Return of filling mechanism to normal position does not depend on strength or elasticity of sack, which, therefore expends energy to draw in the ink.
  12. Lever is sufficiently long to entirely deflate the sack and assure full ink supply.
  13. Rubber section conveniently shaped to fit the fingers when writing.
  14. Special comb feed assures instant flow of ink without skipping or flooding.
  15. Points of solid 14K gold, alloyed and shaped in our own factory.
  16. Points tipped with special iridium – hardest known metal. Iridium is fused on the gold tip and ground to a smooth writing ball point by our own jewel grinders.
  17. Distinctive s ape of the ring in all Sheaffer ring pens is designed for the purpose of permitting the ring to be fastened in the split ring of the any loose-leaf binder.

46 Special. A specially constructed pen for general use, made of either black or bright coral Radite. This coral pen meets the demands of the trade and the public for a pen of this particular color, and the black pen furnishes the same superior quality with a more conservative appearance. All 46 Special pen are equipped with yellow gold rolled bands, clips and levers.  

Sheaffer Secretary. A brilliant, cherry red pen of Radite, built to furnish a full grasp for the hand and stand up under excessive writing use.The most beautiful shade of bri1liant crimson possible to capture and confine in a pen; bright and glowing as a radiant dawn -a pen that sells to sight through its attractiveness and quality.

The nibs are the special Sheaffer Secretory size, made either flexible or semi-manifold and furnished fine, medium, coarse, extra fine, posting or stub.

The Student’s Special pen was created with an idea of furnishing a quality product at as low a price possible for students. It is an ideal pen for any use where a light weight pen is needed. The holders on this page are fitted with narrow gold-filled bands, gold filled clips and levers, and the barrel and cap are chased with the distinctive Student’s Special chasing.

Since the first introduction of the Sheaffer Lifetime pen on the market, it has by leaps and bounds become the best known and most acceptable pen to all those who appreciate line writing instruments. There is no indefinite or implied guarantee on the Lifetime pen, for besides the guarantee against defects of construction and material, the entire nib is unconditionally guaranteed for life against anything that can happen except total and permanent loss. The large, well balanced pen fits the hand perfectly affording an easy grip for the lingers and allows unlimited writing without tiring or cramping. The nib is made in its entirety, from raw gold to the completed point, in Sheaffer laboratories. Rolled, stamped, raised, slit, and ground by expert lapidarian, this nib passes through severe inspections at every stage of its construction. The writing point is a perfect ball of iridium. The white dot in the cap of all Lifetime pens, or in the end of the barrel of Lifetime pens with rings, is the distinctive trademark of the pen. Wherever you see a white dot in the end of a pen, you will know it is a Sheaffer Lifetime.

The Lifetime pens shown below are equipped with one-eighth inch gold 6lled bands with gold 6llcd clips, or rings, and levers. The model SC is the full-sized Lifetime pen while those pens with the numbers preceded by the letter «T'» are thinner models. The No. 84 pen is a thinner model than the regular Lifetime pens with the point raised to a smaller radius. Lifetime nibs are unconditionally guaranteed for life and can be furnished fine, medium, coarse., extra fine, posting or stub. All Lifetime points will make carbon copies.