Catálogo Sheaffer'S 1929

It is with considerable pride and pleasure that Sheaffer’S offer for your inspection an up-to-date catalog of fountain- pens, desk fountain-pens, desk fountain-pen sets, desk set lamps, mechanical pencils, Skrip and sundries.

We are not unmindful of the generosity and loyal support rendered our organization in the past by the leading retailers of the world, and in reciprocation, we pledge a continuance of the same golden-rule policies, and the maintenance of the high standards in production, service and cooperation that have played such an important part in distributing satisfactory profits to our dealers, satisfactory service to millions of customers and reflected a satisfactory growth to the Sheaffer organization proper.

And because the reputation, future and fortune of our company rests upon the quality of all Sheaffer merchandise, you can choose any item stamped with the Sheaffer name and feel fully content that you arc handling the best merchandise it is possible for human hands and modern machines to produce.


Walter A. Sheaffer


There are naturally basic reasons for every successful business venture. There is little question but that tbc causes of success are a combination of several different factors, such as the merchandise, type of dealers, number of sales outlets, conservative operating policies, etc. But underlying chem all, we firmly believe that the foremost reasons for the success of Sheaffer, not in order of importance, however, are the dependable merchandise produced, the extremely liberal policies back of the merchandise, and the endless effort of the personnel of the organization, principally the sales force including the dealer group. One could not survive without the ochers. They are interdependable.

But, first, we had to have the merchandise. Dealers care little for golden rule policies unless the merchandise is right. And to give you a cross-section view of the leaders of the Sheaffer line, we have reproduced cross-section views of the fountain-pen, mechanical pencil and desk fountain-pen set.

Modern ideas incorporated in the product are just as important as modern.

Never can there be a question about the service of any Sheaffer product, for ever y Sheaffer item is definitely guaranteed. And further,  -every Lifetime pen and pencil leaving the Sheaffer shipping room is accompanied by a serially numbered and signed guarantee note definitely committing the company to a well-defined service plan.

Sheaffer was first to offer the Lifetime guarantee. Sheaffer was first to furnish a serially numbered and signed guarantee slip with every Lifetime pen and pencil distributed from the factory.

All Sheaffer merchandise is guaranteed. The lowest priced Sheaffer pen is backed by a definite service guarantee and the dealer holding the Sheaffer franchise can consider himself fortunate indeed in this respect that never need he fear antagonizing any customer because of a misunderstood service statement- for Sheaffer’S guarantee «says so.»

This one policy is of direct value to the retailer. Many organizations make no more than an average effort to stand back of their product.

Sheaffer’S Pigmy and 3-25 lines.

Sheaffer’S 5-30 and 7-30 lines.

Sheaffer’S Lifetime Jade Green.

Sheaffer’S Lifetime Jet Black.

Sheaffer’S Pencils.

Sheaffer’S Desk Sets.

Sheaffer’S Desk Fountain Pen Set Lamp.

Sheaffer’S Oriental Mosaic and Penvelopes.

Sheaffer’S Giftie Sets.

Sheaffer’S Skrip.

Sheaffer’S De Luxe jet black and pearl.

Sheaffer’S Balanced Lifetime pens and pencils.