Catálogo Sheaffer´S 1930

Follow the leader and be one! Sales records prove Sheaffer’s the world’s most popular line of writing equipment.

Complete assortments are offered in beautiful new marine gen aristocratic jet black, colorful jade green and rich black and pearl. Barrels and cap as well as desk set sockets are of unbreakable Radite. The four pen and pencil lines are offered in the large size with clip, and medium size with clip and with ring. All metal fittings are gold filled or solid gold.

Every Sheaffer Pencil is of the Propel-Repel-Expel type, precision built and guaranteed mechanically perfect, definitely guaranteed for life against defects in materials and workmanship. No other guarantee is broader or more definite than Sheaffer’s.

The world’s broadest pen guarantee is the Lifetime guarantee, definitely assuring every owner a lifetime of pen satisfaction. A Lifetime Guarantee certificate properly signed and serially numbered accompanies every Lifetime pen. This certificate protects the dealer as well as the consumer and reads:

“Sheaffer’s Lifetime Fountain -pen is unconditionally guaranteed for life against anything and everything except total or partial loss.”

Sheaffer’s is the world’s only Lifetime Pen guarantee.

The six numbers illustrated in colors on this page are but representative of Sheaffer’s complete line.  Dealers and consumers alike are urged to submit special nib or point problem to Sheaffer with the assurance that it is easily possible for Sheaffer nib experts to exactly duplicate any steel point,  either flexible or manifold and which will be backed by a broad and definite guarantee, in turn backed by the world’s leading manufacturer of writing equipment. Sheaffer LSTC, 74TC, JTSC, J74TC, KTSR, K74TR

New garb. New design. New ability in Balance Lifetime’ pens and pencils. Sheaffer H8TC, H74TC, HTSC, H74DH, HGR, HMC, H74MC.

MARINE GREEN -luminous color of ocean deeps where sunken treasure ships glow in vagrant sun and velvet shadow -that is the rich and restful color of the new Balance Lifetime writing companions. And with such color come modern design, and restfulness in the hand, the results of the perfect Balance engineered into these new instruments. For such reasons more people buy Sheaffer’s than buy any other make.

It is but natural that the world expects and receives, the highest quality, most beautiful, and most complete line of desk stands from Sheaffer, since Sheaffer originated the Desk Set idea.

Sheaffer desk stands are fitted with the Universal ratchet lock socket, offering always the pen at the correct writing angle. The sockets are of black, unbreakable Radite or chromium plated, the fittings are gold filled and the bases are of unbreakable black Radite, black Carrara, and crystal clear glass, imported black and gold Italian marble and genuine green Brazilian onyx.

Sheaffer desk stands are priced downward from $500.00, in sizes, shapes and materials to appeal to the most discriminating.

Desk set illustrated is Green Brazilian Onyx stand No. 25, $46.00. Complete with matched Lifetime® desk fountain pens, $60.00. See pages 29 to 67 inclusive, for other models, and know that you may choose with the assurance that you will obtain the world’s highest quality from the world-leader -creator of the desk set idea.

Sheaffer K8TC, K8AC, SKT, SKC, K74AC, K74TC, KTSC, KC, KSC.

Sheaffer K74AR, K74TR, KTSR, KSR, KGR, 84C, 8AC, 8TC, SLT, SLC.

Sheaffer 74AC, 74TC, LGR, 74AR, 74TR, J84C, J8AC, J74AC, J74TC.

Sheaffer J74AR, J74TR, 74MC, 74MR, K74MC, H74MC, K74MR, 5-30MR, 5-30MC, K5-30MC, K5-30MR.

Sheaffer 5-30TC, 5-30TR, j5-30TC, J5-30TR, K5-30TC, K5-30TR, 3-25SC, 3.25C, 3-25SR, J3-25SC, J3-25C, J3-25SR.