Catálogo Sheaffer'S 1930


Printed in June 1930.

1930 Sheaffer'S catalog cover

The Balance Pen. The Balance Pencil.

Follow the lider to be one!

Sales records prove Sheaffer’S  the world’s most popular line of writing equipment. Complete assortments are offered in beautiful new marine green, aristocratic jet black, colorful jade green and rich black and pearl. Barrel and caps as well as desk set sockets are of unbreakable Radite. The four pen and pencil lines are offered in the large size with clip, and medium size with clip and witg ring. All metal fitting are gold filled or solid gold.

Every Sheaffer Pencil is of the Propel-Repel-Expel type, precisión built and guaranteed mechanically perfect -definitely guaranteed for life against defects in material and workmanship. No other guarantee is broader or more definite than Sheaffer’S.

New garb. New design. New ability in Balance Lifetime pens and pencils.

MARINE GREEN -luminous color of ocean deeps where sunken treasure ships glow in vagrant sun and velvet shadow- that is the rich and restful color of the new Balance Lifetime writing companions. And with such color come modern design and restfulness in the hand, the results of the perfect Balance engineered into these new instruments. For such reasons more people buy Sheaffer’S than buy any other make.

Desk Sets.

Complete line of desk stands from Sheaffer, since Sheaffer originated the Desk Set idea.

 Sheaffer desk stands are fined with the Universal ratchet lock socket, always offering the pen 81 the correct writing angle. The sockets are of black, unbreakable Radite or chromium plated, the fitting are gold filled and the bases are of unbreakable black Radite, black Carrara, and crystal clear glass, imported black and gold Italian marble and genuine green Brazilian onyx. Sheaffer desk stands are priced downward from $500.00, in sizes, shapes and materials to appeal to the most discriminating.

Desk set illustrated is Green Brazilian Onyx stand No. 25, $46.00. Complete with matched Lifetime desk fountain pens, $60.00. See pages 29 to 67 inclusive, for other models and know that you may choose with the assurance that you will obtain the world’s highest quality from the world-leader -creator of the desk set idea.

Balance Lifetime black and pearl unbreakable Radite.

Balance Lifetime black unbreakable Radite.

Balance Lifetime jade green unbreakable Radite.

Loaner Pen Service.

To sell nothing but merchandise of Sheaffer quality is an excellent method of bringing repeat business because satisfied customers will act as salesmen for you -salesmen without pay.

But doubly guarantee their satisfaction. Be always in position to give them 100% fountain-pen service. When they bring to you their pens for adjustment, cleaning or repair, assure them of continuous Sheaffer-pen-use. Give them Sheaffer Loaner Pens to carry if you must send theirs to the factory.

To help Sheaffer dealers render this super-merchandising service Sheaffer offers Loaner Pens at a price heretofore unheard of. The Loaners are first class in every respect, and worth a great deal more than 95c each. Every Loaner is boldly engraved on the barrel: “Service pen loaned by” (Your business name here)

Sheaffer’S 4 piece Ensemble.

Sheaffer’S Five piece Emsemble.

Sheaffer’S 6 piece petite Ensembles.

Sheaffer’S combination pen and pencil gift set.


Sheaffer’S Desk Stands.

Skrip The Successor to Ink.

Sheaffer’S Leads.