Catálogo Sheaffer'S 1938

1938 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the W. A. Sheaffer Pen Company. It is not remarkable for a firm to arrive at its twenty-fifth birthday, but it is outstanding when a company achieves, hands-down, leadership in an industry in the United States for more than half the years which measure its existence. This, Sheaffer has done.

This leadership is more than a business achievement. It is an encouraging demonstration of a fact which cannot be emphasized too strongly these days— that the solid virtues of honest goods, honest values, honest dealing,reasonable profit and good wages can, and must always, succeed in this land, and that dealers and public, alike, know those values when they see them.

Catalog printed in July 1938.

SHEAFFER’S DELUXE AUTOGRAPH pens and pencils rate as fine pieces of jewelry. The owner’s signature may be placed on the wide, 14K gold band in facsimile engraving, making the pen a treasured lifetime possession suitable for handing down to the next generation. These are the perfect gifts for those who wish the finest.

The HERITAGE, EXCELLENCE and LADY AUTOGRAPH models have genuine, 14K clips, bands, points, and pencil tips. The VICEROY AUTOGRAPH Lifetime has gold-filled clips and pencil tips, but the wide bands and the pen points are genuine 14K gold.

All AUTOGRAPH pens and pencils retail at the prices shown in the table below, but our billing to the dealer is 50c less list, so that Sheaffer may share the cost of facsimile engraving of the owner’s signature on the wide gold band (see specimen signature on this page). Example: the HERITAGE AUTOGRAPH Ensemble retails at $35.00 but is billed to the dealer at $34.00 less trade discount, 50c list being allowed on both pen and pencil for engraving.

Complete pen and pencil ensembles are packed in deluxe genuine leather cases. Suggest them for <> weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and “gifts to the boss.”

SHEAFFER’S CREST models have lifetime durability plus the luxurious appearance afforded by natural gold or Sterling silver, The splendor of the precious metal shows when pen and pencil are in the pocket, but the comfort of radite is apparent when the pen and pencil are being used, for the material where you grip it to write is the material that has been giving writing comfort and satisfaction for years. CREST models are super-streamlined with a flush fitting of the cap and barrel. The metal caps are reinforced by a sturdy interior of metal which goes a long way to prevent denting.  

Two of the most popular Lifetime styles, the SOVEREIGN and the LADY SHEAFFER are shown on this page. The SOVEREIGN is a slender, full length model, particularly desirable for those liking a light pen with long writing capacity. The LADY SHEAFFER is made just the right size for milady’s handbag. They have clips, instead of rings, for clipping to the inner pocket of a purse.

Sheaffer’s streamlined Balance Feathertouch pens are not Lifetime but are the finest value obtainable for the money guaranteed against all defects in materials and workmanship. The Feathertouch point, with platinum in the tiny pen point slit means perfect writing fluid control and perfect two-way writing — a normal line when pen is used in the usual manner, a fine, thin line when turned over and used on the backside of the point. Identical values in one-stroke lever type, or one-stroke vacuum type, each type supreme in its field.

This is the finest line of pens selling at $3.50 and $2.75 made in America. Exceptionally sturdy construction with points of genuine 14K gold, iridium tipped. Fully streamlined Balance design to eliminate hand fatigue. Identical values in one-stroke Visulated lever style or one-stroke Vacuum style, each type supreme in its field.

Here is truly the Masterpiece of all matched pen and pencil sets, the finest it is possible to build from precious gold. Barrels and caps of both pen and pencil are genuine 14K gold. So, also, are the clip e, the pencil tip, the pen point, and the filing lever. The precious metal overlays a sturdy metal construction, an effective protection against casual dent. Tt is a beautiful ensemble combining the ultimate in pen and pencil engineering with the ultimate in fine jewelry construction and design. Space provided on cap on the opposite side from the clip for monograming or engraving.

An amazing new thin lead development makes FINELINE the masterpiece of all pencils. It is the only real improvement in pencil writing in twenty-three years. With on entirely new character of line, Sheaffer’s FINELINE double length leads make pencil writing more than ever approach the quality of pen writing — more than ever makes the FINELINE pencil the fitting work-mate of the LIFETIME pen, A complete revision of manufacturing processes was necessary a new, and hitherto impossible, physical structure in leads was achieved— when the Joseph Dixon Crucible Company Laboratories developed for Sheaffer this great new contribution to writing. Double-length FINELINE leads are thinner than any known heretofore. They provide a fine line of velvet touch that make more legible carbon copies, that always have pin-point sharpness. They have the strength to do all this.

The 1938 Dry-Proof desk set line is the finest Sheaffer has ever produced, both from a standpoint of design and quality. In the following pages are desk fountain pen sets to meet every taste and every purpose. There are modernistic designs and conservative designs. A wide choice of materials is offered, including Jet Carrara Glass, Bakelite, Leather, Green Brazilian Onyx, White Pedrara Onyx, Brown Spanish Onyx and Clear Crystal. There are fine presentation sets mounted with dependable clocks, and there are inexpensive utility sets for business, the college student or home desk. The merchant can stock this line certain of its ready acceptance by his clientele.

Recommend SKRIP, Successor-to-Ink, for all fountain pens and general use. It takes five gallons of fluid to make one gallon of SKRIP at much greater cost than ordinary ‘writing fluid, By distillation, all chance of molding and sediment formation is eliminated and permanency is increased, making it the finest and most satisfactory writing fluid produced. SKRIP keeps both steel pens and fountain pens in better condition, COLORS There are two kinds of SKRIP, Permanent and Washable. Both types are plainly labeled. SKRIP in permanent colors for all business records comes in Blue-Black, Royal Blue, Jet Black and Red. SKRIP in washable colors for school and home (washes easily from clothing, linens, rugs, and furniture) comes in Black, Blue, Green, Purple and Brown. Permanent Red SKRIP is the only permanent SEDIMENT-FREE red writing fluid produced. Point out to your customers that records of which one-half are permanent and another half not, are not satisfactory. SKRIP will make them 100% permanent It flows freely, dries quickly, spreads evenly and does not clog. SKRIP is designed primarily for perfect writing satisfaction under all conditions. No property, however desirable, has been achieved at the expense of other properties equally desirable. It is a perfect combination of all the properties needed for COMPLETE writing satisfaction.