1953 Sheaffer'S catalog

New SNORKEL. The pen that takes the “DUNK” out of pen filling. Since fountain pens were first invented, the mess and bother of filling has been a prime objection. Sheaffer’s new Snorkel Pen is the first real answer to the problem. Instead of “dunking” the point and barrel, only the filling tube touches the ink. It extends to draw in the fluid and withdraws when the pen is filled, leaving the point and barrel clean and free of ink. There is no pen wiper of any kind needed. Here is precision craftsmanship in its highest degree, a pen created with the user’s wants and needs in mind.  The owner may well be proud in the knowledge that in Sheaffer’s Snorkel Pen he possesses the finest writing instrument the world has ever seen.

Sheaffer´S Masterpiece. No other writing equipment in the world so justly deserves encasement in genuine 14K gold. Sheatfer’S Masterpiece pen with Lifetime* point and matching pencil is the most distinctive pen and pencil gift set in the world. It is especially suited for those occasions requiring the finest money can buy.

*The Lifetime point—unconditionally guaranteed for first user’s lifetime without repair charges.

Sheaffer´S Autograph. Black only. For more than a generation, Sheaffer models for your autograph have been the ultimate in personalized gifts. The user’s Autograph just as he writes it is hand-engraved, without extra charge, in the wide, genuine 14K gold bands for positive identification. Nothing but 14K gold is used in the clips, pen point and pencil tip to increase its value to the proud owner, year after year.

Sheaffer´S Crest. Colors black, pastel green, aqua, burgundy, grey.  New SNORKEL pen with matching pencil. The handsomely rich effects attained by blending the glow of gold with warm colors sets the Crest apart from the commonplace. In its presentation case or in the pocket, the Crest is instantly recognized for superb quality. Points carefully ground in 14K gold.  

Sheaffer’S Signature. Colors black, pastel green, burgundy. The owner’s signature, faithfully reproduced in the14K gold bands, personalizes this proud possession. As a gift, it offers fadeless proof of thoughtful selection . . . expressly chosen for one person alone. Incomparable performance increases the value of ownership throughout the years. Point of 14K gold. Bands signature-engraved—no extra charge.

Sheaffer’S Sentinel. Colors black, burgundy, pastel green, aqua, grey. Every line of design and detail bespeaks Sheaffer’S |famed quality in the Sentinel. Mirror-finished metal /caps are accented by gold-filled trim and modern chasing. A soft inner glow adds warmth to the lustrous colored barrels. In combination an overall effect of distinctive quality. Points of 14K gold.

Sheaffer’S Valiant. Colors black, burgundy, pastel green, aqua, grey. Every Sheaffer’S feature and advancement is incorporated in the popular-priced Valiant. Rich glowing caps and barrels are set off by gold-filled clips and trim. Smartly styled in Sheaffer’S distinguished design to combine beauty with writing comfort. Points of 14K gold.

Sheaffer’S Clipper. Colors black, burgundy, pastel green, aqua, grey. With distinctive use of color, set off by silver toned chased caps adds richness to the Clipper. Pen points are ground to individual exact ness in Sheaffer’S new palladium-silver, a precious metal combination developed to assure lasting writing quality. Gold-filled trim on all caps.

Sheaffer’S Statesman. Colors aqua, burgundy, pastel green, black, grey. The glint of gold accents the soft, rich colors of this model. The Statesman features Sheaffer’S new and enduring palladium-silver point, costly combination of precious palladium, sterling and 14K gold. Outstanding value, sure to inspire proud ownership.

Sheaffer’S Sovereign. Colors black, pastel green, burgundy, aqua, grey. The classic simplicity of Sovereign’s lines with its sparkling metal cap marks it as a true Sheaffer’S creation. Its advanced features, likewise, are distinctively Sheaffer’S. Smooth, 14K gold point in a wide selection of writing styles, highest quality throughout. Modestly priced.

Sheaffer’S Saratoga. Its very design forecasts writing comfort and pleasure! Saratoga is a trim model, replete with outstanding features ata moderate price. Its 14K gold point flows words smoothly, effortlessly. Ownership, truly, is a constant source of pride. Colors: black, burgundy, aqua, grey, pastel green.

Sheaffer’S Admiral: Sheaffer’s popular-priced favorite is now a Snorkel pen! Long the choice of those who prefer quality coupled with economy, Admiral is now an even greater value. Distinctive Sheaffer styling, smoothwriting 14K gold points, and new exclusive advancements set the new Admiral far above its class. Colors: black, burgundy, grey, aqua, pastel green.

Sheaffer’S Craftsman. Tip-Dip pen with matching pencil. Undisputed value leader in the lowpriced field! Craftsman introduces “Tip-Dip”’—surpassed in cleanliness only by the famous Snorkel Pen. A handsome new model designed to provide highest quality at modest cost. Colors: black, burgundy, grey, aqua, pastel green.

Sheaffer’S Cadet. Tip-Dip pen with matching pencil. Sheaffer’s brand new entry in the budget-price class offers quality and advancements found in no other. Cadet is an excellent starter pen for students with its smooth-flowing point and other pride-inspiring features that promote better penmanship. Colors: black, burgundy, grey, aqua, pastel green.

Sheaffer’S «Clicker» Retractable Ballpoint. Here’s the answer to the public demand for a ballpoint that’s really worth keeping. Sheaffer’s new Clicker is a precision-engineered ballpoint pen with quality in every detail. Mechanism is positive, precise. The strong tension-type clip and other trim details are gold filled, creating a rich contrast withthe chased stainless metal cap. Definitely not the “throw away” kind. Clicker is a proud possession designed to give years of writing pleasure and satisfaction. With exclusive ruby-tipped Clicker writing unit.

Sheaffer’S Utility Pencil. Economy priced, the new Utility Pencil gives you the beneficts of Sheaffer’S precision features in a trim, tailored design. The most popular pencil in America! Extensible eraser can be adjusted for full usage simply by turning screw. Exclusive innerspring clip holds safely, firmly to any fabric, thick or thin.

Sheaffer’S Desk Sets with the new Snorkel Pen.

Sheaffer’S Trophy Desk Sets with the new Snorkel Pen.

Sheaffer’S Safeguard Desk Sets.

Sheaffer’S Skrip. The world’s largest selling writing fluid. 12 beautiful colors.

Sheaffer’S Feather-Touch Point Selection Chart. Sixteen 14K Gold Points to choose from the smoothest-writing point, in the pen point metal that lasts forever! Sheaffer’S big, cylindrical 14K gold point is precision-ground to fit your exact style of writing. A point for every writing style!

Sheaffer’S Fineline «500». Retractable ball point.