Parker Awanyu "Aztec". Models #57, #58, #59, and #60.


In 1910 two new models were supplied with a good luck symbol design, as it was the Swastika. A good luck symbol from millennia Indian Sanskrit culture. These fountain pens were finished in a sterling hammered overlay, model #52, for $12.00, and the #53 Swastika furnished in 18k gold overlay for $15.00.

Parker pen mod. #52 sterling hammered Swastica design. 138 mm. long capped. Courtesy of Luiz Leite.


Awanyu Aztec. The design features an 18k gold filled surface delicately hammered by hand with symbols and the head of an Aztec Indian depicted on the barrel and cap. The fountain pen was manufactured in sterling silver – model 59 – for $ 16.00. Model 60 in 18k gold was $ 20.00. There are «half» versions -models 57 and 58-, with the caps in exposed hard rubber crowned by a band with Aztec motifs in silver and gold, respectively, at the price of $ 10.00 and $ 12.00.

Parker Lucky Curve Awanyu Aztec two designs.

In the same year Parker offered the Level-Lock Clip, “the clip that disappears”. It is visible above the surface of the cap only when the cap is over the pen point end, when on the other end of the fountain it drops out of sight and nothing but a neat little nickel name plate is visible. When placing the cap over the pen point the pen cannot catch on the clip because it is made so as to make it impossible to do so, yet the nozzle automatically pushes the clip in position when cap is over pen. The retail price was 25c in addition to the price of the regular pen.

In this year was cataloged Jack Knife Safety #49 furnished overlay 18 k. gold cap and barrel with deep lines engraved effect and beautiful floral designs on top and bottom of them. It was $10.00. There are two other versions; no. 48 with the exception there is no engraving on its holder at price of $8.00 and no. 55, same as this but finished in silver at $7.00.

Parker mod. 49 Ladies´ size. 108 mm. capped.


Full-Length Safeties. This year Parker have now done; all of the regular safety styles may now be supplied with regular length barrels.

In 1912 Parker introduced mod. #39, a magnificent pen with a cap and barrel covered with an 18K heavy gold plate. Its price was $20.00. Beautifully worked with a pattern of forget-me-nots, each set with semi-precious stones and pearls. The end of the cap was made flat, so it can be engraved for a seal. There is a second version, mod. #54, without stones, at the price of $12.00.

A Parker pen mod. #39 "forget-me-nots" eyedropper. Auctioned by Bonhams´ house in December 2016 (image © Bonhams).

The Parker Jointless nos. 018, 020, 023, 024, 025, and 026 continue in the catalog.

Parker no. 1. Price $ 1.50. Black or mottled holder. A neat little pen. Has the "Lucky Curve" Screw Joint. A particularly good pen and warranted. It is the lowest in price of any Parker "Lucky Curve" made.
Parker no. 3, ladies’ size. Price $ 2.00. Handsome chased Barrel. Nice, easy-writing gold pen. Quite a popular pen of its class. Can be furnished with upper feed when so desired.
Parker No. 3. Straight or taper cap. Price $ 2.00. Considerably larger than the ladie's size of the same number. Has the "Lucky Curve." This is one of the oldest styles, yet it is a popular pen today. Comes with a great variety of patterns on barrel. Courtesy of http://www.fivestarpens.com.
Parker no. 6 Lucky Curve. Fountain, Ladies’, or Gentlemen’s size gold mounted. Price $3.00. Tapering cap. Has beautiful, chased barrel in a great variety of patterns, fitted with embossed or plain gold bands. It is made in two sizes, ladies’ size considerably smaller.
No. 9. Gold mounted. Price, $ 4.00. This Is a gentleman’s pen exclusively. It is by all odds the most handsome of the large sized fountains. An ample ink reservoir. Beautifully gold mounted. A superb pen in every way. Courtesy of Luiz Leite.
No. 10. Twist. Price, $3.00. This pen is preferred by many who like the corrugated handle, which gives the fingers something to grasp and prevent from slipping when moist or sweaty. Courtesy Luiz Leite.
Parker pen No. 14. Price $5.00, sterling silver filigree. No. 16, gold, $6. 00. The silver is inlaid over the vulcanite, making a most striking looking pen. Space is reserved on name plate for engraving name of owner. No. 16, same pattern as above, solid 18K gold plate will wear for many years.
Parker no. 15. Price $7.00. Just out. One of the prettiest in Parker line of fancy pens. Plain pearl slabs barrel with gold band. Gold filigree on cap. Name plate so the name of owner can be engraved on same. Photo Courtesy of Luiz Leite.
Parker no. 15. Barrel fitted with variegated Mother-of-Pearl slabs. Courtesy Luiz Leite.

Nos. 18 to 28, inclusive may be had in jointless style without extra charge, when so ordered.

No. 18. Price $2.00. Screw Joint. It has the famous “Lucky Curve” and the anti-break cap and ink controller. Supplied in black, mottled rubber or fancy chased barrel. No. 018 Jointless, end of barrel threaded or plain as desired. Same size and price.
Parker Self-Filling fountain pen.

Adding the fraction ½ to the model, any of the Self Filling pens may be had with fancy chased barrels without extra charge when so ordered. 

Parker no. 25 self-filling, known by the collectors as "click filler". Courtesy of Luiz Leite.

No. 20. Price $2.50. Screw Joint. Same as No. 18, except it has a larger pen and holder. Made with smooth or threaded end where fingers grasp the fountain. One of the most popular numbers Parker make. Can be supplied in either black or mottled rubber. Fine, medium, coarse or stub pen as wanted. No. 020 Jointless, same size and price as No. 20.

Parker no. 20 screw joint. Photo courtesy of PBA Galleries, Berkeley, CA. (image © Justin Benttinen).

Parker no. 20½, Chased, Price $2.50. This is the same size as No. 20. The only exception is the fancy chasing on the barrel and cap. Fountain is fitted with gold pen of any elasticity and in fine, medium or stub point.

No. 21. Screw joint. Price, $3.50. This is really a very pretty pen. It is practically the no. 20 with the addition of the gold bands and a size larger gold pen. So popular indeed is this style that we have had some difficulty in keeping up with the demand for It. It Is about the neatest and most pleasing looking gold mounted pen we have ever seen. If preferred can supply with Screw Jolnt when so ordered.

No. 21½. Price $3.50. as no. 21 with exception of the chasing on barrel and cap. Can be supplied in regular and Ladies’ size.

Parker no. 023 Hexagon jointless black. Price, $3.00.
Parker no. 23 Hexagon. bargain to sell at $3.00. Because of shape will not roll. No. 023 -jointless- at same size and price. Courtesy of Tsachi Mitsenmacher.

No. 23½, Chased. Price $3.00. It is practically the No. 23 but with beautifully chased barrel and cap. It is particularly suitable for a lady’s pen and can be furnished in a smaller sized barrel than regular, if desired.

Parker no. 24 screw joint and no. 024 jointless. Price, $4.00. This pen is much larger than the general run of pens and they are purchased by those who know just what they want and can afford to pay the higher price necessary for the larger and finer pen.

No. 24 Falcon. Price $4,00. Screw Joint. Fitted with a gold Pen, which is an exact duplicate of the steel Falcon nib. The instantaneous favor into which this pen has sprung would indicate that there are many waiting for and wanting just such a pen. We have them in exceptionally fine points, medium, coarse, or even stub.

No. 24½, Chased. Price $4.00. Same description given no. 23½ will apply to this pen, with exception of the size. In size it is a duplicate of No. 24; a size larger than no. 23.

Parker no. 25. Price $5.00. Screw Joint. If you prefer writing with a large fountain pen, you will find No. 25 the one to choose. Holds a liberal supply of ink and is equipped with splendid No. 5 gold pen of superior writing qualities that you can only secure in larger gold pens.

Parker Lucky Curve no. 26.

Parker no. 28. Price $7.00. It is put out in response to a demand for «one of the largest pens you make.» The barrel is not very much larger than No. 25, but the pen is no. 8.

Parker Lucky Curve nos. 28, 26, 25 with VV clip, 24, 23 hexagon, 20 and 18.
Parker Self-Filling fountain pen.

Adding the fraction ½ to the model, any of the Self Filling pens may be had with fancy chased barrels without extra charge when so ordered. 

Parker no. 25 self-filling, known by the collectors as "click filler". Courtesy of Luiz Leite.

Full-Length Safeties. This year Parker have now done; all of safety styles may now be had with regular length barrels.

Any Jack Knife pen can be had with either one or two gold bands by adding 50c to the regular price for one gold band and $1.00 for two gold bands.

Jack Knife "Turban" inner cap that fit snug to shoulder section when the pen was inserted, so that ink didn't leak.
Black Parker Lucky Curve Safety eyedroppers. Long full-lenght, regular, and baby sizes. Courtesy Tsachi Mitsenmacher.
Mottled Parker Lucky Curve Safeties Turban-Top. #20 full-length, #23, and #25. Courtesy of Luiz Leite.
Mottled Parker Lucky Curve Safeties Turban-Top. #20 full-length, #23, and #25. Courtesy of Luiz Leite.

Parker no. 31 Sterling Silver. Price $7.50. This a large size fountain pen covered with Sterling Sliver. Space on name plate on which to engrave your name. The richness and refined elegance represented in this pen is apparent.

Parker nº 31. Furnished with a no. 5 pen. Price $7.50.

No. 31. New Spiral Design. Price $7.50. This cut shows another form of the regular no. 31 and we can furnish this pen in several patterns: filigree work, solid silver.

Parker no. 31 Lucky Curve, new spiral design. Price $7.50.

No. 33. Gold. Price $5,50. This pen is our leader for the new styles. It is certainly the biggest value ever put into a pen retailing for less than $6.00. Neat, tasty, and a real beauty. No. 34, same design in sterling silver. Price $4.00.

Parker no. 33. Price $ 5.50.
Parker pen no. 33 Gold and 34 Sterling Silver. Courtesy of Luiz Leite.

No. 35. Gold. Gentlemen’s Size, Price $10.00. Barrel and cap entirely covered with heavy 18k plate which will last for a lifetime. A magnificent creation. The delicate beauty of the handwork done on this cannot be appreciated until seen. Surely, a finer present of this kind than this could hardly be devised.

Parker no. 35. Gold. Gentlemens' size. Price $ 10.00. Auctioned by Bonhams Dec 4, 1998. Image © Bonhams.

The Parkers Snakes. No. 37 Sterling Silver. Price, $8.00. This odd and fantastic design is of a snake’s body. The eyes are set with green stones. Certainly, a unique covering for a fountain pen. No. 38 Gold, price $10.00.

A late and singular button filler Parker #37 sterling silver overlay. Courtesy of Gary and Myrna Lehrer (www.GoPens.com)
Details Parker # 38 pen. Each Parker Snake has a particular, unique and exclusive design.
A #38 mounting a Lucky Curve round hole nib with "lazy S" imprint. Courtesy of PBA Galleries, Berkeley, CA. (image © Justin Benttinen)
A Parker pen mod. #39 "forget-me-nots" eyedropper. Auctioned by Bonhams´ house in December 2016 (image © Bonhams).

No. 41. Price $8.50. This is a gentleman’s pen. Large barrel and covered with gold filigree work of beautiful design. For father or brother, an ideal present.

Parker no. 41. Gold filled filigree overlay. This large pen is fitted with #5 nib.

No. 42½, Price $4.50. This pen represents a rather new departure in pen decoration. Neat, simple and el e􀃷ant. Blank space on gold band iIn center for name.

Parker no. 42½.

Parker no. 43. Gold. Price $10.00. Holder comparatively small, cap and barrel covered with dull finish, 18k plate. Modest and rich. with a style all its own. For a young lady, a more pleasing pen could hardly be selected.

No. 44. Price $8 .00. Same as No. 43, except mountings sterling silver.

Parker No. 43. Gold. Price $10.00. No. 44 Sterling Silver, $8.00.

No. 45. Price $6.50. New this season and has already proven to be a great favorite. Corrugated or plain pearl slab in either plain white or colors. Pearl crown also. Decorated with three gold bands which also holds pearl in place.

Parker no. 45 Lucky Curve alternaning plain mother-of-pearl and abalone slabs. Cap with imitation pearl crown.
Parker no. 45 Lucky Curve alternating corrugated mother-of-pearl and abalone slabs. Photo courtesy of PBA Galleries, Berkeley, CA. (image © Justin Benttinen)

No. 46. Price $10.00. This dainty delicate pen is of course designed for the American Queen, the wife, daughter, sister, or sweetheart of any American man. The cut suggests the delicacy and beauty of this superb piece of workmanship. Space on cap left blank for engraving owner’s name.

Parker no. 46 Lucky Curve. Plain and striated mother-of-pearl slabs. Courtesy of PBA Galleries and Luiz Leite, respectively.

No. 47. Price $10.00. We can safely say no more beautiful pen of this kind was eyer made. Gold bands on either end of barrel to hold the pearl slabs in place. Please note the enlarged pearl barrel, a new design. Cap covered with beautiful mounting 18k fine floral design. Space on cap left blank for engraving owner’s name.

Parker no. 47 Lucky Curve "Pregnant Parker" alternating Mother-of-Pearl and Abalone panels. Auctioned by Bonhams in 2015.

No. 48. Price $8.00. 14K gold plate, plain barrel. A very beautiful pen. Rich in the extreme.

Parker mod. 49 Ladies´ size. 108 mm. capped.

No. 49. Price $10.00. Same description as No. 48, only the holder of this pen is deeply engraved with lined effect and scroll work on both top and bottom of cap and barrel. This pen makes an especially beautiful one if ordered in the smaller or lady’s size. Its daintiness makes it an especially desirable pen to purchase as a gift for a lady.

Parker no. 50. Price $5.00. Simple, neat and attractive, barrel perfectly plain, cap crowned with white surrounded by gold band.

No. 51. Price $3.50. This is very plain, with a single gold or silver ornament in center of barrel for name plate. Courtesy Luiz Leite.
Parker pen mod. #52 sterling hammered Swastica design. 138 mm. long capped. Courtesy of Luiz Leite.

Parker no. 52 with Sterling hammered silver Swastika design. Price $12.00. Something entirely new. The hammered effect gives it a look quite different from anything shown heretofore. A beautiful two-compartment, leather, plush lined box given with this pen. No. 53 —same pattern in 18K gold plate, $15.00.

Parker Awanyu Aztec sterling silver no. 57. Price $10.00.
Parker Awanyu Aztec gold filled no. 58. Price $12.00. Courtesy of Myrna and Gary Lehrer.

No. 57. Awanyu. Hammered Silver. Price $10.00. The owner of this pen will have something entirely different from the ordinary every day looking. Same pattern gold filled No. 58, $12.00. “Everyone who sees the pen with the strange, mythical characters on it becomes interested at once. It’s a wonderful pen to have in stock as an advertisement alone or to interest possible buyers

Parker Awanyu Aztec no. 60. Auctioned by Bonhams´ house in December 2014 (image © Bonhams).

Parker no. 60. The New Awanyu Design. 18K Gold Filled. Price $20.00. Awanyu Aztec Indian design. Design hundreds of years old, but recently discovered by Archeologists. Awanyu means the giver of life and the good that all hope may be their lot. The goldsmith who worked on this design has succeeded beyond our anticipation. Price, solid silver, no. 59, $16.00.

Parker Emblem pen. Price $12.00.

Parker Emblem Pens. We are prepared to supply the Parker Pen with the emblem of almost any of the more prominent orders. The emblem is on solid (not plated) gold band. Makes a fine present for some secret order man. Prices $ 12 .00 each tor K. of P., of C., I. O. O. F., Elks, Blue Lodge Chapter, Shrine, Knight Temple, and others.

The Red Giant pen is an eyedropper filler made in hard rubber, furnished with a slip cap and joint threaded section, and very approximate measurements of 148 mm long capped with a diameter cap 19 mm. The Parker Giants is not made as a self-filler owing to its extraordinary ink carrying capacity and infrequent need of filling.

Parker Red Giant. Courtesy of Gary and Myrna Lehrer.
Parker Giant vs "51" sizes comparison.

Shorthand Pen, $4.00. This pen is made after the specification of one of the leading shorthand writers of the country. The pen is short, elastic and practically without ‘‘set.” It will be writing if hold on the paper simply by its own weight. This pen can be furnished with thicker barrel, but most writers of shorthand like a thin barrel and large pen.

Bookkeeper’s Special no. 100. Price $6.00. Here is something designed, especially for bookkeepers. It is a double fountain pen, one end for black ink, and the other for red. The Ink reservoir for the red ink is mottled red, which briefly indicates the color of ink in that barrel. The other end of the fountain is black, which also indicates the color of ink therein. Every bookkeeper who has seen and tried this is simply delighted with it. The fountain pen can be disjointed, if desired, thus making two complete fountains, in which event they could be ordinarily carried in the pocket.

Parker Bookkeeper's Special. No. 100. Price $6.00.
Current simulation Parker caps with colored crown.

In 1909 Parker offered a new design looking at the niche market of «students are loyal to their school and college colors». It  was called «The Cap with the Colored Crown». The end of the cap was fitted with a little crown to match the Class or College colors. It could be furnished in red, white, green, orange, and purple and harmonize beautifully with the rich polished black of the fountain pen. Parker adapted to this segment the existing models no. 20½ and 21½ priced $ 2.50 and $ 3.50, respectively. They also adapted the model no. 24 «click filler» at $ 4.00. The crown with only one color was 10c extra, two colors 25c extra, and 35c three colors.

Parker 21½ cap with colored crown.


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