Fountain pens, service manuals, ads, catalogs and more. Everything about these legendary fountain pens manufacturer.

Pen models, posts, ads, service manuals, catalogs, and more. Everything about these legendary fountain pens.

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The Parkers
An Invitation to Fly

Parker Pen Co.’s initial interest in aircraft comes from Kenneth Parker. Enlisted in the fledgling air service, he was assigned to officer training in tactical maneuvers at the Pensacola Naval Air Station, Florida.

Since the company’s first monoplane, the Parker Duofold Fairchild, they have been used aviation as an innovative advertising weapon by inviting their distributors. Before it retired, the Fairchild had transported more than 14,000 college students, dealers, and their families in the 48 states, most of them on their first air trip.





1,500 ADS

More than 1,500 different ads from the first half of the last century. A walk through the history of advertising and newspapers illustration. Collected in chronological order, this collection allow us to date the incorporation of new models, as well its colors and characteristics.