Mortadelo de la Mancha en su caja original (cortesía de D. Antonio Gonzalez Serrano. Barcelona)
Mortadelo de la Mancha inside his original bol (courtesy of Antonio Gonzalez Serrano. Barcelona)

In 1980 the Parker Pen Co. joined the ingenuity of Francisco Ibáñez to carry out a commercial campaign for its products based on a comic. For this occasion, the popular cartoonist created in PVC a funny Mortadelo Parker doll as a Parker promotional item for gifts to clients and friends.

Mortadelo Parker web

The cartoonist made a gag and two one-page comic strips in which Mortadelo and Filemón got into the shoes of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. The texts of the comic imitated the old Castilian Spanish of Miguel de Cervantes, so that these adventures were entitled «Las Incredibles Fazañas del Caballero Mortadelo de la Mancha«.

Years later, in 2004 and on the occasion of the 4th Centenary of the publication of the first part of Don Quijote de la Mancha, Ibáñez returned to this character, Mortadelo as Don Quixote, in a Super Mortadelo album.

Francisco Ibañez introducing the comic book “Las Incredibles Fazañas del Caballero Mortadelo de la Mancha”. 2004.

Francisco Ibañez is the most famous Spanish child cartoonist, author of numerous characters, being Mortadelo and Filemón most popular. His long-lived production has made children and adults think and smiling for the last 60 years.