A Parker Pastels assortment. Courtesy of Luiz Leite.

The Parker factory faced Christmas 1926 with an exaltation to color introducing the Jade Green color and the Parker Pastel line of soft and pale colors in an individualized line aimed at ladies. Just a few months later, Parker would introduce the vibrant mottled color Lapis Lazuli and Mandarin Yellow.

The fashionable Pastels, a name inspired by their colors, keep the Duofold style, furnished in the same non-breakable Permanite barrels with ink-tight Duo-sleeve cap, and supplied in cheerful and showy colors to suit any taste, initially Mauve, Magenta, Coral, Naples Blue, and Beige with jaunty black tips. The color Jade Green, as “Mottled Green”, was presented as part of the Pastel line, although a specific Apple Green color would soon be added to the line.

"Eye candy of Pastels". Courtesy of Tsachi Mitsenmacher.
Parker Pastel ad. The Red Book, inside cover. December 1926.

The Pastels were available singly, in Duettes, and desk set. Pen separate was $3.50, and pencil, $3.00, and they were available as either clip cap or ring cap models.

Remarkably similar in size to the Duofold Lady and considering that such bright colors would not appeal to masculine taste, the pastel line was never manufactured in Junior or Senior sizes. In the flap-top Pastels, there are two lengths, although similar: Petite of about 111 mm. long and Regular, of about 117 mm.

Parker Pastels cap bands in flat-top and streamlined pens.
Parker Pastel flap-top two lengths.
Pastels in Parker Catalog. July 1927.
Parker Pastels Moire pattern.
Parker Pastel prototypes. Courtesy of Tsachi Mitsenmacher.
Parker Pastels. Pens courtesy of Tsachi Mitsenmacher.

In 1927 the Parker Duettes would be optionally marketed with a genuine grain-leather «Parker Penvelope» silk lined to contain the pen and pencil -snug and safe in a handbag- already for quick and easy use. It cost $1.50 extra, so the complete set -pen, pencil, and Penvelope- was $8.00.

In May 1927, Parker Pastels introduced and new Moire pattern of broken lines in pastel shades. In 1928 split cap girdles were introduced.

Parker Penvelope ad. The Evening Star. Washington. November 7, 1927.
Parker Penvelope with Pastel Naples blue set. It was $8.00. Pen and pencil Courtesy of Paul Kovanda.
Parker Penvelope with Pastel Naples blue set. It was $8.00. Pen and pencil Courtesy of Paul Kovanda.
Parker Pastels in 1928 Marshal-Wells catalog.
Travel set green enamel base. Convertible moire pen with pocket cap free in traveling case. $8.00. Set courtesy of Paul Gollan.
Pastels in Parker catalog. June 1929.
Parker Pastel Duette Naples blue in her free de luxe gift box. It was $6.50. Pen set courtesy of Paul Gollan.
Parker Pastels ad. The Saturday Evening Post. July 27, 1929.

Sometime between 1929 and 1930, Parker went on to refer to them as Moire.

Parker Moire pens in 1930 catalog.
Parker Pastel Coral Duette streamlined in free luxe gift box. It was $6.50. Set courtesy of Luiz Leite.

The Moire were discontinued in 1932, and its niche  market was filled by the marbled and vibrant celluloid Premier and Moderne that collectors have nicknamed Parker «Thrift Times.»