1939 parker catalog

1939 Catalog of celebrated Parker Blue Diamond Vacumatic pens guaranteed for life and other Parker pens, parker pencils, desk sets, desk pens and Parker Quink.

In 1888, George S. Parker built —not a better mouse trap— but a better fountain pen, and the world did not have time to beat a path to his door, because he moved first. That is to say, he packed his bag, took train and ship and airplane (or horse and droshky, as the case and time required) and eventually advertised in 91 countries. Betimes, he also burned a good bit of midnight oil.

Being gifted with rare inventive genius, as shown by the “Milestones” on page 4, he managed by dint of industry and enterprise, and the help of his ever-growing family of associates, to build the largest fountain pen business in the work. Factories in the United States and Canada, offices and service departments in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, London, England, Janesville. Wisconsin, and Toronto, Ontario.

From obscurity to fame that crossed all borders of all lands and all seas, of all races and all creeds. just as Mr. Parker traversed them in person from time to time, entering the hearts of men, even in strange and not too friendly lands. In 1937 he died—known far and wide for his hearty philanthropies, his fine and sympathetic philosophies, hut most of all for his gifted creations in the writing art. The Iowa farm boy who shot an Arrow of Inspiration in Time and Space, which, after more than half a century, still flies on across the years. —an unfailing ambassador of good will. even where diplomacy may falter.

Not only the mantle, but the industry, creative and executive ability of the late George S. Parker was passed on from father to son —passed to Kenneth Parker, who now heads an enterprise that came to him both great and famous—and that he is making even greater as he moves it forward with the times.

Aside from teaching acrobatic flying in the United States Navy, the Parker Pen Company is the only business that Kenneth Parker has ever known. And he has “lived” the pen business. Mr. Parker was born with an inordinate endowment of faith and vision.

It was his faith in the Parker Duofold when he was only 28 which persuaded the company to back it with millions of dollars, his belief in the importance of the retailer which later brought about liberalized discounts. his “discovery” of the Vacumatic which revolutionized the pen industry, his vision which dreamed of a plant in Canada, a great British company in London, a world-wide ink business, and year-round pen displays, pen advertising. and pen selling. And his was the idea of a trained developmental department free to, yes, bound to, explore, create, and perfect.

As his father did, he keeps his door open to employees and retailers. And many enter there—not leaving hope behind —but bringing it in and taking realization away. Your call, too, would be as welcome. Why not consider such a visit?

Parker Pen Milestones.

1888—First George S. Parker Fountain Pen (dropper-filled). 1894—»Lucky Curve» Feed. 1899—One-piece, jointless pen. 1904—First self-flling Parker Pen. 1905 —Parker Spearhead Feed. 1912—Parker Safety-Seal Cap —makes pen leak-proof. 1914—Press-button filler—eliminates lever in barrel wall. 1916—Parker adjustable pocket clip. 1920—Parker Pencil patented. 1921—World-famous Parker Duofold at $7.00 —bright colors. 1926—Non-breakable pen barrels. 1929—Streamlined, balanced shape. 1931—Birth of Parker Quink. The pen-cleaning writing ink. 1932—Introduction of the revolutionary Parker Vacumatic. 1934—Transparent “Television” ink supply feature. 1936—Sealomatic Socket. 1939—Blue Diamond mark adopted to denote Guarantee for Life.

Bird’s-eye view of World’s No. 1 Pen Plant. The Parker Pen Company. Janesville, Wisconsin. Factory and general offices.

Parker Announces Guaranteed for Life Pens. Pens marked with the Blue Diamond are guaranteed for the life of the owner against everything except loss and intentional damage subject only to a  charge of 35c for postage, insurance and handling provided pen complete is returned for service.

Parker Point Selection Chart. Parker manufactures a total of 14 different styles os pen points for the Vacumatic Pen. From this wide selection it is possible satisfay any request.

New Parker non-stop pencil.

PARKER SENIOR MAXIMA VACUMATIC.  Guaranteed for Life, is long and oversize —yet streamlined and balanced. Patented Diaphragm Filler. Largest ink capacity of any in line. Point 14K Gold, platinum plated —tipped with Osmiridium. Laminated barrel (all colors shown) has exclusive full Television Ink Supply. New laminated Non- Stop Pencil to match has continuous feed. Rich jewel case included with Pen and Pencil set.

PARKER SLENDER MAXIMA VACUMATIC. This laminated. streamlined, long barrel pen is medium girth for medium-size hands; also suitable for women. Patented Diaphragm Filler, Full Television Ink Supply, and everything else to give highest performance and inspire pride. 14K Gold Point. Platinum plated, tipped with fine polished Osmiridium. New laminated Non-Stop Pencil to match has continuous feed. Rich jewel case free with Pen and Pencil Set.

PARKER MAJOR VACUMATIC. Largest selling Guaranteed for Life pen, has patented Diaphragm Filler, is streamlined, medium length and girth. Smart. exclusive, laminated Pearl cap and barrel, Full Television Ink Supply, polished Osmiridium tip on 14K gold nib, Platinum plated. New laminated Pearl Non-Stop Pencil to match Pen has continuous feed. Rich jewel case included with Pen and Pencil Set.

PARKER DEBUTANTE  VACUMATIC. This smaller. slimmer, handy model of the famous laminated pearl Parker Vacumatic was created expressly for the feminine hand. Television Ink Supply and good ink capacity because the Diaphragm Filler eliminates numerous old-style parts. 14K Gold Point, Platinum-plated, tipped with Osmiridium. New laminated Non-Stop Pencil to match has continuous feed. Rich jewel case included with Pen and Pencil Set.

PARKER STANDARD VACUMATIC. Streamlined laminated Parker Standard Vacumatic—medium length and girth—Guaranteed mechanically perfect. Has patented Diaphragm Filler, Full Television Ink Supply, 14K. Gold Point tipped with polished Osmiridium, all features of the $8.75 and $10.00 models. The Pencil to match is a standard Parker, propel, expel and repel mechanism. Rich jewel case included with Pen and Pencil Set.

PARKER SLENDER VACUMATIC. Here’s the famous Parker Standard Vacumatic Pen in a distinctive slender model for women. Styled in Laminated Pearl and Jet (all colors shown). Guaranteed mechanically perfect. has patented Diaphragm filler and Full Television Ink Supply. Pen has 14K Gold Point, tipped with polished Osmiridium.Pencil has regular Parker propel. expel and repel mechanism. Pen and Pencil. Set includes rich gift case.

PARKER JUNIOR VACUMATIC. Guaranteed mechanically perfect —a marvelous value at only $5.00. Five deep. rich, transparent tones with vertical shadow-wave laminations. Pen has patented Diaphragm Filler, Full Television Ink Supply, 14K Gold Point, tipped with polished Osmiridium. Pencil to match has regular Parker propel, expel and repel mechanism. Rich gift box included with Pen and Pencil Set.

PARKER SUB-DEB VACUMATIC. There’s not a girl graduate (or under-graduate) who would not fairly yearn to have this shadow-wave beauty—Guaranteed Mechanically Perfect. Full Television Ink Supply. Same as the Junior Vacumatic, except that the barrel and cap are smaller and slenderized. 14K Gold Point tipped with Osmiridium. Pencil to match (propel. repel, expel). Rich gift box included with Pen and Pencil Set.

Parker Duofold.
Parker Challenger.
Parker Sealomatic.
Parker Special Desk Pen.
Parker Catalog. August, 1939.

1939 PARKER DUOFOLD & challenger BOOKLET.

Parker booklet printed June 1939.

PARKER DUOFOLD. Being thoroughly modernized, the new Duofold Pen at $3.50 (Price $4.20) is even a better value than the old at $5.00 (Price $6.00). Distinctive Mosaic like pattern, Visometer Ink Window, Osmiridium tipped 14K Gold Point, concealed Button Filler, and famous non-breakable Permanite barrel.

Parker Duofold.

PARKER ROYAL CHALLENGER. Attractive lustrous new chevron pattern. “Pressureless touch” 14K Gold Point, tipped with the finest grade Osmiridium. Large ink capacity. Press Button Filler. Non-breakable barrel and cap. Visometer Ink Supply — shows when to refill.

Parker Royal Challenger.

PARKER CHALLENGER. The most appealing buy in the low-priced field. Non-breakable barrel and cap, Osmiridium-tipped 14K Gold Pen Point, Button Filler, Visometer Ink Supply —Shows when to refill. Clip permits pen to set low in pocket. Large ink capacity.

Parker Challenger.

Parkette DeLuxe Pen is trimmed with wide band and especially designed clip to match. Visometer Ink Window shows when to refill.

Parkette —A Parker quality product at low price. Lever filler. Non-breakable. Visometer Ink Window shows when to refill.

Parker Deluxe and Parkette.

Parker Desk Sets. Quality, beauty and utility combine in making up the Parker Desk Base line and all prices INCLUDE PENS! New and original styles are both decorative and useful for home and office. Bowl and socket assemblies hold the Pen and Pencil in writing position —air-seal the nib, keeping the pen moist, ready for instant use. Socket with Pen will rotate into any desired position, Specially designed desk  pens are supplied in black only.

Parker Desk Sets.
Parker counter cases and displays.


Parker brochure printed November 1939.

Parker Zephyr. The new beauty winner in the lower price field. Here’s a new and refreshing note in pen design that will receive immediate acclaim from your customers. You’ll like the “marbled” pattern and you’ll agree that these new pens and pencils are exceptionally pleasing in color selection. The pen is of velvet-smooth, 14K gold construction —tipped with Osmiridium and features Visometer Ink supply (shows when to refill), easy-action lever filler, and a cap-top clip that permits “lowset” in the pocket. The pencil uses the long, thin Writefine leads —one of the outstanding pencil refinements in recent years.

Parkette Zephyr.

Parker Royal Challenger. A trim chevron pattern runs longitudinally down the barrel and cap of this pen and also on the pencil. The background design is of a soft, mottled motif. The special chevron-point clip blends nicely with the pattern. Three parallel gold bands encircle the cap. This pen excites genuine admiration because it is so completely distinctive.

Parker Royal Challenger.

Parker Duofold the favorite writing instrument of millions of people. Parker Duofold —historical name of the pen business —still today a greater value than ever. Formerly sold at $5. Duofold at its present price of $3.50 includes many advanced features. Thoroughly modernized in design —the Mosaic-like pattern lends itself admirably to the selected colors and is broken only by the rich, plain gold band and clip. Years of advertising have built up a strong preference for Parker Duofold.

Parker Duofold.

PARKER CHALLENGER. In the low-price field it’s Parker Challenger, because of the unusually refined styling and advanced features of this pen. Challenger not only looks good but performs admirably. It is pleasingly tapered and employs an artistically “marbled” design. The trim gold clip and band offer contrast and enhance the effectiveness of this design.

Parker Challenger.