In the summer of 1941, and to promote Quink, the Parker’s writing fluid, the Company closed a deal with Disney for the publication of «Dumbo Song Book».

Parker Quink Dumbo Song Book. Cover.

This almost incredible offer was made by The Parker Pen Co., solely to introduce Quink to millions of new users: “Yes, without sending in a single box-top, without waiting a single day, you can now get this brand-new Book of Songs, including big hits from Disney’s very latest Feature Picture, “DUMBO of the Circus”’—songs you’ll be hearing everywhere, and 94 other favorites—and all FREE, if you hurry. Just go to the nearest store selling Parker Quink and purchase a bottle for only 15 cents. The retailer gives you your Walt Disney Song Book right then and there!”

Parker Quink ad inside Dumbo Song Book.

“Dumbo” was then a Disney’s newest character. This screamingly funny and captivating pathetic character was sure to be the biggest success of any that Disney has featured in full-length pictures. An avalanche of news stories about the “Dumbo” movie was being released by Disney’s highly trained publicity experts through newspapers and movie magazines. Soon the “Dumbo» songs hits would play over the air. Music critics believed that at least three of the “Dumbo” songs would make the “Hit Parade”. The Parker dealer’s customers will be “Dumbo” fans. Parker was really stealing the show by obtaining the full and exclusive rights of the songs from “Dumbo, the Flying Elephant of the Circus”, 36 hits from other Disney productions and 58 favorites, old and new, many published by Irving Berlin Inc.

The promotional campaign featured with an advertising program about this offer. 4 process color full page in The Saturday Evening Post, and 4 color half-page or third pages in the Comic sections of every leading newspaper in the land.

Parker Quink and Dumbo Song Book ad in The Saturday Evening Post. September 13, 1941.

For dealers there were a fine clock in a selling display. It was a Sessions Self-starting electric model for alternating current or was available with an eight-day movement. This display holds five dozen 2 oz. bottles. With an order for 2 dozen 2 oz. of Quink and an $8.75 Vacumatic pen at list the clock display was given for free.

Display promotional of Parker Quink and Dumbo Song Book.
Parker Quink Dumbo Song Book. Backcover.