Parker had been offering pens with gold or silver finishes since its origins but in November 1900, the #30 was the first Parker marketed completely gold covered. It was$10.

The No. 30 is a eyedropper-filled fountain pen, highly embossed and chiseled repoussé diamond and snail pattern, end piece imprinted «PATENTED» with no other imprints and 135 mm. length.

Presented new No. 30 shown in plush and satin-lined box, at $ 1.00 extra. This is the most beautiful and expensive pen make by Parker in this time. The barrel and cap are covered with pure 18k gold in rich design. The sale of this pen will probably not be general, but for those who want something extra fine it fills the bill exactly. An inscription not exceeding twelve letters will be engraved on the barrel without charge.

Parker No. 30 shown in plush and satin-lined box, auctioned by Bonhams. (© Bonhams)

FIT FOR A QUEEN This cut represents plush box, which Is usually sold with the fancier pens. It is an exceedingly beautiful box, covered with rich, heavy plush, delicately lined. Price of box, $1.00 extra. Can supply same box, Morocco covered, at same price, which is possible even much rich-looking than the plush box.

First Parker No. 30 ad from Saturday Evening Post. December 15, 1900.

Ten dollars is a good deal of money to pay for a fountain pen, yet this sum bas been paid by a good many people in the past few weeks. In November last we tried the experiment of marketing a ten dollar pen, We discovered something we did not know before, and that is, there are many who have the money to spend for such an article, providing it is what they want. We sold more than ten times as many of these high-priced pens as we anticipated. To be sure, they are beauties, for the cut does not begin to do justice to the rich-looking gold covered No. 30.

"If you want to make some dear friends a present that will be treasured for a life-time, and be handed down as an heirloom the No. 30 will fill the bill". Photo courtesy of PBA Galleries, Berkeley, CA. (image © Justin Benttinen)

«For presentation purposes to some officer or member of society lodge, or school, nothing could be so pleasing or appropriate. There Is ample room on barrel in place provided to engrave name, letter, or initials, when so desired.

To put one of these beautiful pens in stock, put it in the plush box and put in your show case, with a little pasteboard ticket with the price plainly printed on it, is as good an advertisement as half a column in the newspaper, for all your customers will tell about the $ 10.00 pen in your store. If you order one or more, and cannot sell them, you can exchange them at any time for other goods. You can sell them, however, and probably several of them, in the course of a year, for there are always in every community people who will buy such articles, no matter what the price