Sheaffer´S Diana

Sheaffer´S Diana carmine one-stroke-vacuum

A less known model.

A «less-known» model because we do not see it in catalogs nor ads.

Diana have a scarcely 11.0 cm length. Manufactured in Radite cap and barrel, mounting a open #33 nib in colors black, brown, carmine, and green, with gold filled Sheaffer’S stamped clip and 1/32 inch metallic border in the mouth of the cap. Load ink using one-stroke-vacuum filler and lever (black only). It was $ 3.50 and matching pencil, $ 2.50.

It has the characteristics of post-war production with the plastic spiral finger grip on lower portion of barrel and innerspring flexible clip from which the end of the ball that has accompanied to the fountain pens since the origins of Sheaffer’S has disappeared.

There is also model Minerva, $ 2.75 mounting a # 23 nib.

Its Lady Sheaffer size, and its Craftsman-like morphology, both with 1/16 inch cap band, has led some collectors to call her «Craftswoman.»

Sheaffer Diana imprint
Sheaffer Diana carmine one-stroke-vacuum
Diana comparison vs. Lady Sheaffer & Craftsman