Designed in Plastic by one of America’s most famous Silversmiths, includes with Pen and Pencil Sets at $12.50 and $15.00.

A regal gift setting for Parker’s flashing laminated pearl style. When pen and pencil are removed, case serves as a handy container for jewelry or boudoir articles.


Senior Maxima $10.00, Maxima Pen $10.00, Maxima Pencil $5.00, Major Pen $8.75, Major Pencil $3.75.

NEW STREAMLINED SHAPE. Most restful ever conceived.

NEW FEED CONTROL. Scientifically governs the flow.

FULL TELEVISION INK SUPPLY. Shows ink level at all times.

ENLARGED INK CAPACITY. A new maximun, without increasing size.

WORLD’S SMARTEST STYLE. Slender, laminated Pearl and Jet barrel.

PLATINUM AND SOLID GOLD POINT. Now containing 33% more gold than formerly.

Revolutionary Features of the World’s Supreme Pen.

Holds 102% More Ink Than Famous Duofold. The sacless Parker Vacumatic has far more room for ink than old style pens of equal size because it contains no rubber ink sac or lever filler. A simple, patented and wholly revolutionary recoiling diaphragm fills it in 8 or 10 fleet seconds.

33% More Gold In Scratch Proof Points. Parker Vacumatic Points are the finest in the world. They are made of platinum and solid gold, tipped with the finest grade of genuine Iridium obtainable. Iridium is one of the hardest of all metals and is used in Parker points to provide life-long wear.

Full Television Ink Supply. When the Parker Vacumatic Pen is held to the light, the ink supply is visible the full length of the barrel. This is Parker’s Television Ink Supply, and because of it this pen never runs dry against your will. You can always see exactly how much ink it contains.

New longer Blind Cap on the $8.75 and $10 models eliminates the necessity of re-engaging the plunger in the bayonet lock after filling. This allows the barrel to fill completely, and all loss of ink due to the final depression of the plunger —however small—is now abolished.

A Revolutionary and Patented Filling Mechanism. Unlike ordinary fountain pens, the Parker Vacumatic contains no rubber ink sac or lever filler. And unlike earlier types of sacless pens, it has no piston pump or air bulb filler. Instead, it has the famous Vacumatic Filler Unit.

This patented filling mechanism is based on a simple recoiling Diaphragm, the working parts of which are sealed in the top where ink can never touch, corrode or otherwise disable them. That is why every Parker Vacumatic is GUARANTEED mechanically perfect.

To develop a successful SACLESS filler was the hope and despair of inventors for years. From 1855 down to 1932 about 250 sacless pens were invented. Yet it remained for a scientist at the University of Wisconsin to develop this new Diaphragm principle—a wholly new and radical departure from earlier types.

Parker engineered this invention to perfection. And it was so utterly different and basically better that U. S. and foreign governments granted Parker patents.

Parker Vacumatic. The Silver Pearl Line. The most popular writing instrument in the world.

Parker Vacumatic. The Golden Pearl Line. One of Parker Newest, most beautiful color.

Parker Vacumatic. The Transparent Laminated Jet Black Line. Conservative, yet smart.

Parker Vacumatic. The Emerald Pearl Line. Shimmering with the iridiscent beauty of a rare jewel.

Parker Vacumatic. The Burgundy Pearl Line of Deep Gleaming Richness. A fashionable favorite.

Parker Vacumatic. The Brown Pearl and Transparent Black Junior Vacumatic Lines.

Parker Vacumatic. The Grey Pearl, Burgundy Pearl and Green Pearl Junior Vacumatic Lines.

Parker De Luxe Challenger and Parker Challenger.

Parkette De Luxe and Parkette. Fluted barrels in brilliant colors, are non-breakable. Lever filler.

Parker Quink.

One of Parker’s Handsome New Display Cases.