My name is Ramón Campos, and I am a blogger entered in years who lives in a radiant city next to the Mediterranean.

Most of the time you will find me cycling along these beautiful beaches, having lunch with friends, or at home, sitting next to a gazebo while I write or read about fountain pens… or perhaps sitting at an old wooden table changing the diaphragm to some Vacumatic.

Despite what some people may think about living in the past, I think this does not affect fountain pens, quite the contrary. Therefore, in this Blog you will find entries intended to accompany you on a journey to the Golden Age of fountain pens.

I also like to study and write about the intrahistory of small things, those that go unnoticed by big events but that make them up. I believe that there is no history without intrahistory and if there is it will be incomplete.

I believe that history doesn’t just belong in books. There is a growing community of researchers and historians, professional or not, who use social media to tell Stories of History; I consider myself one of them. The research on the Parkers as pioneers of aviation, the translation of the Life Story of Walter Sheaffer or the search for the old advertisements, catalogs, and documents, are motivated by curiosity in knowing those small aspects that make up the history of Parker and Sheaffer’S.

Over the years I have acquired, written and sold hundreds of Parker and Sheaffer’s. It is not difficult to find on the Internet a vast 

collection of 5-star feedback from friends who acquired some of them. Now you will find me here.

Over the last 10 years I have written a couple of hundred articles about these famous fountain pens in different specialized forums, both in Spain and abroad, first with the pseudonym of Little Wirt, then Lazard and, finally, as Ramón Campos.

Spring 2020 has brought a new project for me; this website, in which I hope to collect and dump a good part of those posts written over the years, publish my research and disseminate, translated whenever I can, my documentary and graphic database of Parker and Sheaffer’S.

Ah! Here you can also find advice or inspiration to decide the next acquisition of your vintage pen!

I can’t wait any longer for you to take a look at it, read the blog, join its posts and post with me about them.

Enjoy with me!

firma Ramón Campos azul

** If you want photos or info of this website, both for personal use and to publish, please let me know through contacto@parkersheaffer.com and I will send them to you immediately.